There is somethinjg in my right ear... by whenwillitend .....

Something is in my right ear

Date:   9/28/2013 6:50:25 AM ( 8 y ago)

Last evening I felt something in my right ear-it was like something had worked it's way into the outer ear canal from somewhere else in my body. I could feel the bulge and it was pretty damned huge! About an hour later one popped up on the other side of my neck. This was no gradual thing-it happened all at once. Now it feels like something is trying to come out of the bump and go into my ear. I cannot feel whatever it is itself, just the shape through my skin. It feels like a worm, a large one at that...and I do not want it where it wants to go. I have been taking borax in my water for the past 4 days and I think it is stirring them up.


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