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Love that is stronger than death!

Date:   11/23/2013 7:13:28 AM ( 10 y ago)

My beloved sister, Linda Marie, crossed the threshold on October 24th of this year most suddenly. Fortunately, from what I have heard, she had passed in her sleep while in her own bed at home. She was the elder of two sisters and I am the eldest of four siblings total. Linda, our younger brother Stephen and I had lost our sister Diane Patricia about fourteen years ago when she had crossed the threshold (I think at age of 42). That was a couple years after she had lost her little daughter who was born with an enlarged heart and had a shunt that apparently had to be replaced and which failed to work well enough for the little girl to survive. Diane just wanted to be with her daughter and so she consciously willed to be with her.

I believe that Linda also consciously choose to cross-over and be with her sister (and the rest of the "company of heaven").

My brother hosted a memorial where (I'm told) ten family members gathered for a memorial dinner. I was invited the day before the event and I did not go. I stayed home and prayed (and sang) with the other ten in mind.

The invitation arrived toward the end of a 13-day Mayan calendar cycle that began on November 8th with 1 Wind, that (I especially had noted) brings "an artistic spark". I also noted that it is the "wind of love" and "will change us individually and reflect out into the universe as unity consciousness". I gathered this from the Mayan Majix newsletter and their website.

I have been changed through this most recent 13-day cycle. My change was definitely and directly by way of a "wind of love" that came into my life carrying an amazing gift of love for me from my sister and possibly from all of the heavenly company. I'd like to present my readers with my way of sharing that gift.

I grew up with an "ear for music" revealing to those who have the eyes to see that I am my own musician. Music has had a profound impact on my life (the full depth of which deserves to be told in its own presentation). I was fortunate to have an elementary introduction to classical music at a fairly young age. By the time I was six I was able to play a Chopin duet sufficiently well at my school's assembly. That was about the early part of 1958.

That Summer our family moved "cross town" and I was the first to start attending another school that did not have a music program for my grade, however I did have private music lessons and started playing the accordian.

I also listened to music on the radio in the late 50's and more so in the early 60's. By the time I entered the seventh grade at age 11 (going on 12) I was attracted to dance! That was about 1963. I remember being in school on the day that JFK was assassinated on November 22nd of that year. It was on that same day that The Beatles released their second album.:

I think that The Beatles and their original music came at the perfect right time; at least into my life then and I think into the world as a whole. I loved The Beatles music, however I was not really into "Beatlemania" as far as personalities. It was their music that was so alive, so enlivening and exhilarating to me at that time. I loved dancing to their music. I enjoyed the slow songs and slow dancing too! All that continued for years. In many ways The Beatles were continually the best at what they did. Then the day came at the end of the 60's when The Beatles broke up. No more Beatles! Now they were four individuals and former Beatles. "The Beatles" were history! (I'm not sure if that is a pun or not ; - ) However, the music lived on! In fact it spawned and multiplied!

I can see a parallel between this and the passing of my dear beloved sister Linda Marie. She also lived through the 50s, the 60s, growing up together with me hearing most of the same music as I heard. On September 21st this year I wrote to Linda to tell her that "The Byrds" had released "Turn, Turn, Turn" on December 6th, 1965, which was right on Linda's birthday when she turned 13! That happens to be one of my most favorite songs of all time! There is much more I could say about the music of that time and how Linda and I shared interests in music. But the reason I have shared all of this is to come to this point to say there was a certain song that was very slowly developing thorough-out Linda's entire life. A love song that was not "easy" to write. It was a song that was not necessarily one that others could "dance" to, at least not easily. Nevertheless, there was a song and I can't tell you how deeply grateful I am that I was finally able to hear her song!

I thank God that around my last birthday (in September) Linda sent me a birthday card (albeit one of those Jacquie Lawson E-Cards‎:

and I was able to receive it and especially to realize her love that I knew came with that card (saying treat myself to a spa day) and I responded in full acknowledgement not only to her e-card but especially acknowledging her love for me! Then she replied to what I wrote and expanded upon her expression of love for me. I will always remember the very last thing she said to me in her last email. She said: "I am gathering universal love to send my love to you."

That expression is not only indelibly inscribed upon my heart it is a living presence in my life! Nothing less than a whole new creation has miraculously emerged in my consciousness! When I first read her message of love for me I immediately realized that something had changed in Linda, in her heart and mind; something wonderful had happened in her being. Her heart was suddenly (or so it seemed to me) expanded and the truth of universal love was an unmistakable reality for her! She had truly gathered together universal love and sent her love to me! I can't express in just words how immensely blessed I am!

Refined on January 27th, 2015 -

This morning I had a extra special dream of Linda. I have had several dreams of her over the past fifteen months since her crossing and in this morning's dream I awakened from it with a golden thread of consciousness connected to the feeling that was evoked within me within the dream. In the dream I see Linda passing by as she crosses in front of me (walking to the left) and I call out her name to her. She turns around and then walks past me and as she does I am aware that she is emanating a very high quality stillness and silence and with my awareness of her state my being is blessed with an inner movement of refined energy as if stars were born within my microcosm.

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