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Photos from bath time and my wooden bedside table yield some of the best photographic evidence yet! Getting ready to edit now

Date:   12/23/2013 11:15:43 PM ( 8 y ago)

So tired, but I want to get the pics from today uploaded as I believe they will be extremely telling and maybe put some of you who are still trying to hang on to the idea that Morgellon's is an actual insect to rest. Some may continue to doubt until they see there own pics that they take themselves. I find it hard to believe and it's right out of science fiction.
I can tell you this, some of my photos look like I have had a flying saucer that has crashed into my skin, half in half out. I have noticed in places of activity, a lavender/purple and a golden yellow like aura..not quite pixels, not really dots..seem to make the area hard to photograph. Those end up kind of dark as if it's caused interference and my camera when taking the photo makes a little sound like a static pop.
Pay attention to "nano pyramids" in your pics...I feel they are key somehow...or "triangles" attached to a "stem" or something else.
I DID see, by one nicely parked "flying saucer", what appeared to be some kind of "steps" that were all equal right by the ulcer on my left shin, and apparently have an area a little lower than my navel (ahem) that has 3 what appear to be portals or windows lit on the bottom half by some sort of light or maybe it was my flash..not sure.

Anyways, check back later for pics!


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