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The most significant convergence in my entire life!

Date:   12/26/2013 4:48:41 AM ( 10 y ago)

I have just emerged through a first (in my life-time) multi-dimensional
convergence (synthesis) that had been building within me since long before my very first post here on Curezone.

The only way that I really want to communicate about this is through a new "language" that I am learning now. I'm already thinking and functioning within this new language. Actually it is a synthesis of at least three "languages of light" (that includes "languages of the stars", "languages of wisdom & love" and "communion with nature". These languages are the way that I want to communicate with others from now on.

In case you are interested in knowing more about what I am reporting to you now then I would like you to know that learning this new language will take some time and it requires practice (just as anyone may have already accomplished with learning another language).

You may know that it is possible for a new language to evolve out of an already existing language. You also may know that different kinds of "sub-languages" or specialized languages already exist within the English language, i.e. "legalese"[7] [that uses English (and Latin) terms and yet virtually all the terms have their own special meaning that is largely beyond the common meaning that is used among the non-legalese speaking peoples].

I am currently learning a new "language" that uses English terms but with meaning that literally transcends common English. That is because it includes languages of light (light of consciousness along with that of the "Stars") plus what I now have come to realize is a language of unconditional love, that is of the deepest understanding especially deep understanding of others. That understanding is my joy to give to others!

February 22, 2014 -

I have mentioned both Human Design and Gene Keys in previous blog post here. Gene Keys is especially enlightening as to a "language of light".:

"The 64 Gene Keys are the letters of the language of life, a language which is present in the DNA and known to humanity through the I Ching.
The Gene Keys connect us to the unchanging truth of 64 archetypal and universal attributes of consciousness. Representing a code of life which is present in each of the trillions of cells in our body, each Gene Key is a portal into our inner being."[1]

[November 29th 2014 -

"The 64 Gene Keys; A Language that talks to your DNA ~
Every thought, word, intent, feeling, dream and action…all of this is creating your attitude which is directly programming your DNA.":[2]

December 29, 2013 -

I think many of us would agree that language is a conveyor of consciousness. I am at a point in my life where all I really want to do is contribute all the consciousness that I can to the "collective psyche". My contributions are largely made on an individual basis.

The spectrum of consciousness that can be shared with another through a language trinity of love and light and that connects us to the wisdom of the cosmos can be likened unto the qualities of energy, light as well as the beauty that comes through precious gems. When these gems of consciousness appear in us they deserve to be acknowledged, appreciated and valued for all that it took for these to be formed in us!

In my conceptual "Book of Gems" I'd have a entire chapter devoted to how to value our gems. That would be followed by how to set "gem standards" that can be applied to when we share time, talent and treasure with others. Once upon a time we had a "gold standard" along with precious metals backing our currency. All of that has ended now since the standards were removed and there has not been anything backing (what has been referred to as) the "funny money" "currency" that is "floating" in the world.

The currency of the future is going to be in some new forms of "appreciation". That is why we need to appreciate those gems that have been formed in our lives so that we can form new gem-backed standards by which we can live and have fair exchanges (of various kinds) with one another. The time and energy and efforts that you can invest in this process now will truly be worth it! ; - )

Re-value and if need be raise your standards! You are worth it!

May you be enriched!
P.S. 5:02 Am I just got "enlightened" about gems and now know that gems have their own language that could be added to the "trinity" of languages I have mentioned above. Adding the gem language would make for a "quadrophenia" of Language!

December 30th -

Wednesday, January 1st is the "official" launch day of my new mission that may be best described with the sign of the jaguar.:

"Jaguar energy offers strength and magic along with intuitive wisdom for humanity to follow the ... path of transformation or renewal: the sacrifice or surrender of the illusion; the reconnection of the ego to its higher source; and the awakening to truth."[3]

January 1st is also the one day out of the year that offers "The King of Spades" which is known as "The Master Card" in the Destiny Card System.
I claim this "King" as the guide in my mission for the greater good of all concerned, for the greater good of all as well as The All of Good!

February 7, 2014 -

I have made several mentions of "The Four Agreements" in earlier posts here on "The Son of Truth". I most highly recommend at least two readings of this book by Don Miguel Ruiz! I will probably make it a required reading with my clients. The reason being that once this material is groked, the client and I can then build on these agreements.

The "agreements" are essentially a deep transformative commitment to living true to one's self. "To Thy Own Self Be True" is largely established with the first agreement: "Be Impeccable With Your Word." (IMO if humankind is a microcosm of the universe then our word is the co-creator of our own microcosm.) That commitment then allows one to tread their way along the great path of personal transformation. It also allows for deeper understanding within the individual plus deeper shared understanding in relations with others.

I count "The Four Agreements" as part of a three-fold criteria that I have for my closet personal relationships. The other aspects include practicing consciousness-raising co-creative communications plus a growing awareness of and learning to love one's Human Design. These three form a trinity that support one another.

I have made a firm commitment to the living of this "trinity" and that is now extending into all of my relations. Take for instance the third agreement in the "Four Agreements": "Don't Make Assumptions". I apply that to my communications with others and especially whenever anyone uses a term that I am not clear about. I find this extremely helpful whenever I find myself feeling an emotional charge upon hearing a term that another may use. At that moment I can ask: "Tell me what you mean by saying _________ (fill in the blank with the term or phrase that you just heard the individual say). The individual then has the responsibility to clear the term with you! If they don't clear that with you then I would suggest asking yourself: "Is this an individual whom I really want to be engaged with?" Or first ask yourself: "Do I really want to engage with others who are not willing or able to be clear with the terms that they share with me"? In any case "Don't make assumptions" that the individuals are using terms in exactly the same manner as you have put meaning into those terms. Realizing that there can be a difference in the unique individual ways of perceiving words can then support you in asking for this kind of clarity.

This can be applied to virtually all your communications with others. I think we would agree that it is in your best interest to at least apply it in your agreements with others. It is the equivalent of reading and understanding the "fine print" in any written agreement. In order for legal contracts to be valid there must be a meeting of the minds. If you don't understand all the terms then how can there be a true meeting of the minds? However, if you sign the agreement then you are declaring that you do understand all of the terms and are in complete agreement with them all.

That then relates to the "First Agreement": "Be Impeccable With Your Word". Signing your name to a written agreement that you do not understand is not being impeccable with your word. Clearing all your terms before committing to an agreement is being impeccable with your word. Those are the only agreements that I want to consider entering into. Anyone who is not committed to being impeccable with the word is a candidate for making agreements with me. The same holds true for me with regards to the rest of the Four Agreements as well.

Clearing all your terms with others keeps you clear! If you like having your own clarity then I think you will find it worth the effort to clear terms whenever you see the need.

Here's a crystal of "synthesized understanding" that I embody regarding "The Four Agreements":

The First Agreement ("Be Impeccable With Your Word") clarifies the potential creative-power in the word that is made possible by focusing one's consciousness into all aspects of the word (from thinking through feeling, speaking and willing) and that includes attentive listening as well.

This agreement aligns one with their highest truth! The alignment with
the "Truth of Self" then becomes a living cornerstone in one's consciousness that can be extended into all aspects of one's life and all of one's relations.

The Second Agreement ("Don't Take Anything Personally") extends this higher consciousness through one's awareness of how one perceives things in general and especially into the perceptions of all the communications one becomes aware of from others; even when emotions are triggered regarding what another says. This agreement includes the first agreement by being impeccable with our thoughts of others and what they are saying.

The Third Agreement ("Don't Make Assumptions") allows one's consciousness to reveal any assumptions we may have of others and thereby encourages inquiry-based communications with others. This agreement includes our impeccability in thinking plus the second agreement.

The Fourth Agreement is a commitment to "Always Do Your Best" and includes doing our best with the first three agreements as well as anything else that we do.

December 21st - Happy Winter Solstice and Happy New Moon! -

"... It’s all about patterns. We’re patterns looking into patterns until we understand the nature of these patterns. So it’s here that science and religion that are really looking at the same patterns. Some are looking through the heart, some are looking through the mind. In all of this we’re investigating deeply into the nature of our being. And while we’re looking at the same universal language that’s operating through nature, this is this fractal
language that we see, that’s everywhere. And in Gene Keys we call that the language of light."[4]

September 19, 2015 -
"... what (Human Design) especially offers is a language that allows us to understand better and grasp deeper who we are and how the mechanics of our unique energy are designed to operate.
It names aspects of our nature so that we can become more conscious of them."[5]

September 7, 2017 - More Languages! -

I'm enjoying an abundance of silence these days! On occasion I still "make a joyful noise".
"Both noise and silence are languages."[6]
I am so grateful that I can enter into the silence of my spirit. Especially in light of the intense conditioning/training I had in "The Church" to do a lot of shouting as the apparent best way to "release the spirit". I am so grateful that I am not under that pressure anymore! After seven years my Undefined Root Center had enough of that!


[2] http://divineloveheart.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/gene-keys-part-2-a/]

Mayan Majix:

[4] http://www.integralhumandesign.net/discovery/series/

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[6] http://www.prosveta-usa.com/noise-and-silence-their-affinities-with-childhood-and-old-age_2017-09-08

[7] "Rights granted and legalized by governments are not rights at all. In fact, they are privileges that can be altered restricted, and taken away by legislation or Executive Orders.

These privileges are codified (codes) in legalese. Legalese is the language of statutes, which redefines words as tools to expand the scope and power of the State. Under statutes, a 'person' is a legal fiction, not a human being with free will. At the same time, a 'corporation' is defined as 'a number of persons united in one body, so it can acquire wealth, expand, and enjoy other rights.' Note: a corporation is incapable of loyalty or love. Governments also regulate behavior through licensure. A license is permission to do something otherwise deemed to be illegal."

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