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The beginning of a year. A year that I see promising much deeper meaning in many, many ways and especially regarding one's unique individuality and the authentic living of it!

Date:   1/14/2014 7:42:14 AM ( 9 y ago)

While we were approaching the very first full moon of the year 2014,
we had a certain growing light of "wisdom" that we could live under and (even better) possibly live into! I found this particular full moon to be deeply meaningful and offered the following for anyone who had taken notice of the new moon that began this particular cycle. That previous new moon came to us right on the very first day
of this new year! That fact gave the impression that we, (with our calendar) might be in some sync with the cosmos (at least that was and still continues to be the hope of some of us now).

However, some may wonder what is meant by "be in ... sync with the cosmos". I can understand that "wonderment". Especially from what
might be considered as a "down-to-earth" perspective. But consider
this just for a moment. What if the "down-to-earth perspective" includes seeing ourselves as microcosms of the macrocosm? Wouldn't that give justification for considering whether or not we are in sync with the great whole?

There is nothing more that I want at this time than to be in alignment with all of life as it directly relates to the here and now on this planet! (I just made mention of this in my most recent blog: "My Way, My Truth and My Life!") That includes all of "living into this" in the most practical of ways. One of the most "practical" things in life for me is communications. When one knows that the purpose of their body is to be able to communicate then that knowledge can possibly give one all the understanding one may need for just how practical communications really is, especially for any
one living on the "down-to-earth level" of every day life.

And from that very practical "body-based" perspective one can begin to learn how even the body itself is a whole complete communication matrix of life! There are many individuals who have seen this and some day I'd like to acknowledge all of them to the best of my ability! One of these individuals I can begin to acknowledge right now. I have his "Lecture Thesis" that was presented to "the University of Tubingen"
in 1981. [That is the year when I first sat-in on a study of "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM - See "Footnote") in Escondido, California at what soon became known as "Helping Hands Personal Growth Center" where I became a co-director.]

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer presented "The New Medicine" in 1981 based on his discovery of the 'Iron Rule of Cancer' and the two-phased nature of disease that he had made that year. Two years later he "noticed' that all disease have these two biological laws and not just "carcinomas". In his
forward to his abridged thesis he wrote:

"In 1987, I discovered the third and fourth biological laws based on embryology and the behavioural sciences. To my surprise, I was able to establish that these four biological laws can explain all diseases and can be reproduced in each individual case. This forced me to a breathtaking conclusion:

That there is obviously a biological meaning in the diseases of the different germ layers (as revealed in embryology) and that they are not meaningless mistakes of nature that we should fight, but instead, are very meaningful events. I therefore had to ask myself:
> What brought this disease about? (How?)
> What is the biological meaning? (Why?) "

Just in my writing of these last two lines I am immediately reminded of the work of another individual who I will also give full recognition to for his many contributions of the some of the deepest understanding of communication on a cosmic level: Dane Rudhyar who gave us "An Astrological Mandala" A reinterpretation of the Sabian symbols, presenting them as a contemporary American I Ching. It is exclusively
by way of this man's contribution that I have used his suggestions for applying this "American I Ching" and have received tremendous insights into the meaning of our "neutrino stream" through earth by way of all the planetary relationships to earth. In case you haven't already seen in my earlier blogs, "neutrinos" are a fact of science and they now reveal themselves to be the substance of how the astrological science works.
So with Dr. Hamer and his contemplations on the "What, How and Why" of "disease" I am inspired to see those questions possibly considered form the perspective of the "American I Ching".

About 24 hours ago I wrote the following and this is my first opportunity to post it here. It is a 76-word sentence (that is not intended to be a candidate for the Guinness World Records) that carries a certain "stream of consciousness" that I hope people can easily follow along with (and if not I can probably make additional versions of it). Here it goes:

What Western Medicine calls "disease" is now realized as a most deeply
meaningful biological survival program that we share in common with all of the animal kingdom and that has been specifically activated within
the body's matrix and that is under the continual direction of our own innate intelligence (that permeates the integrated wholeness of our entire being) whenever we experience an unexpected emotional shock- conflict that impacts us by way of unconscious fear-based perception!

We have been given so much by which we can better know ourselves, our bodies, our wholeness and our deep connection with nature and the cosmos! It is my joy to give understanding to others! I am intending to do that throughout this very awesome-looking year.

All my private sessions are based on one's unique individuality and include a visual reference to the individual's Human Deign chart.
As the individual sees their nine-centered individuality it enables them to have more conscious and meaningful self-reference and that allows the two of us to focus our conversation on the unique authenticity of their human experience and on the individual's unique perceptions of those experiences.

Footnote Re: ACIM - The Course talks about how healing is accomplished in the "Manual For Teachers", section 5. It begins by saying there is an essential need for understanding "the illusion of sickness". Once the individual groks the illusionary nature of sickness then they can simply choose once again their own right mind.

This is all about a shift in perception. The Course asks: "What is the single requisite for this shift in perception? It is simply this; the recognition that sickness is of the mind, and has nothing to do with the body."

Dr. Hamer has done all the "down-to-earth" ground work from a medical perspective (lucidly summarized in the "Five Biological Laws") and that body of work now stands as a monumental verification of this truth. Translated into the terms that he uses "all disease originates in the psyche"! As soon as that is realized then one can see that any "disease"
is caused by a "conflict" within the psyche that then can be resolved.
Along with that realization will be that any healing "crisis" (that may appear) will then be recognized for what it truly is as part of the healing resolution process that is already underway within the individual's psyche as a healing phase and not a disease that requires any kind of intervention.

Returning to the same section as above in ACIM In paragraph 4 we read: "Place cause and effect in their true sequence in one respect, and the learning will generalize and transform the world. The transfer value of
one true idea has no end or limit. The final outcome of this lesson is the remembrance of God. What do guilt and sickness, pain, disaster and all suffering mean now?"

Two new dyads to consider are:

"Tell me the meaning of your _______ (fill in the blank with your "pain", "sickness", "disease", etc.)

"Tell me a true idea that you have."

Other dyads that I have shared:
"Tell me a fear that you have." (Or ask for any emotion that is causing distress.)

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