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More regarding one man's devotion to sharing consciousness-raising co-creative communications. A New Intensive and a thought re: Enlightenment Intensives plus some possible new dyads to consider.

Date:   1/30/2014 5:40:28 AM ( 9 y ago)

May 24, 2020 - About Reality -

One of a virtual countless array of dyads is: "Tell me what reality is." This blog-writer's reply now is: reality is a multi-dimensional hologram with a magnificently wide and expansive spectrum that most certainly includes the visible - however it is not limited to just the visible spectrum. Think about the seeds of reality that precede the visible as well as the enormous array of "fruits" that proceed after what had visibly appeared. These non-visible parts of the spectrum are no less real than the visible!

January 30, 2014 -

I'm presenting new paradigms of conscious communication that are devoted to lucidity. This is supported with (what may be called) "new languages of light".[3] I have been sharing the communications in private sessions as an opportunity for learning while gaining direct experience in being more fully present as we actively participate throughout each complete and co-creative communication cycle.

It is my joy to co-create communication cycles with luminosities that are guided by one's own unique individuality. Expressing one's unique individuality establishes a shared reality of one's "truth of self". I support the articulation of one's most authentic expression. I encourage establishing that as one's "cornerstone" then building and extending the expression with new vision into a new/renewed life mission and beyond!

Self-Mastery is the total and complete mastery of one's communication. It is being impeccable with one's word. "The only way to have impeccability of the word is to have impeccability of the voice that speaks to us in our head!"[1]

The more enlightened our communication becomes the more it becomes a unifying power that makes us whole. When our communications accomplish this we have our sure foundation and our beautiful way for edifying all of our relationships and
thereby our communities. That is why "Dialogue is the new community"!

I include open dialogue [1] and some formed dyads

February 5th, 2014 -

In recognition of my true nature as a creator I see the importance of expressing my preference on creating as I am inspired to and in light of my own true-Self-Knowledge. I am also working with others toward greater co-creations based on the "co-creative communication cycle" as I have mentioned
above here.

It is my vision to teach as many individuals as I can how their own creative function works in the "mechanics" of what is known as their "Human Design". Human Design teaches that every individual is a nine-centered being. Our Design includes everything that we need to create!

The first Center that I think of in regards to creating is the "Throat Center". I like referring to it as the "Clearing House" (just as Richard Rudd of "Gene Keys" fame has referred to it.) This Center (by whatever name) is not the only Center that is involved with our creating process. All the other Centers are partners in the process! Therefore we have a nine-member virtual community within each and everyone of us, one that requires a certain kind of "consensus" in order for our power of creation to unify and focus on what we want to create. I am teaching individuals how this works within their own unique design now!

The next partner in our Inner Community is the Self Center (aka G or Ji Center). This is the Center of spirituality and the Higher Self. (My work is focused on the Higher Self and it's expression, both through the individual and through different forms of "shared creations".) It is the Higher Self's expression that I find most fulfilling! This is also the Center of love. With the Higher Self comes a Higher Love! When the Higher-Self Love is expressed you have a Higher Life! I had conversation with a friend tonight where I asked: "Tell me what life is." (That is the fourth dyad that I would offer in an "Intensive" and which I have say more about below). Moments later, after my friend had contemplated on that, he said to me: "Life is Divine Love expressed"!

According to my teacher Zeno in her course in Human Design "The Chinese describe the Wu Ji as a portal, a doorway or passageway to Source. ... The Ji center corresponds to the Wu Ji ...".

Here's an article by Zeno that on the "G Center" and the Wu Ji.:

These two Centers have three Channels connecting them one to the other. The themes in these Channels and in a couple of the Gates include: Leadership, Fellowship, Self-Expression, Inspiration and Listening. The Defined Channel themes all carry potential "conversations" between the two Centers and that we can extend in our communications and communions in virtually all our relations!

I have a seed vision for developing a new and most unique "Intensive" - devoted to the individual and their
immersion into their Higher-Self Center and their Throat Center/Clearing House - through which the individual can
activate a self-clearing process that prepares the way for their new creations. Once the individual has cleared their Centers and Channels then a new level of creating can begin!

The clearing of Centers and Channels allows the individual to embody a new vision and a new mission for their life!

From my experience in deep transformational work (including that of the Enlightenment Intensives) I see this process very well launched within an initial five-day "intensive". The first day would actually be a pre-intensive orientation day that would include some food preparation. I consider this activity as an opportunity for community-building. Preparing our own food energizes our food. Also, by directly knowing that we have done all our food preparations can free us up all the more to devote ourselves to the deep work for the next three days.

The last day would include a shifting of focus from one's deepest inner contemplative journey to one's new vision and possibly working on bringing a new mission into one's daily life.

The three days would include several forms of active communications, several silent contemplations (some with a
journal), contemplative movement, some reading and really good food!

The overall objective for the intensive is for the individual to fully reclaim the ground of their own being as well as their full
expression of their own unique individuality. The objective itself is essentially simple, yet there is the matter of
something called "conditioning" and / or "programming" that typically may have (temporarily) obstructed the channels
within one's Human Design. These "obstructions" can include unexamined beliefs and other constructs that are all subject
to one's own consciousness. By consciously focusing one's intention toward one's objective the channels begin to clear.
The more that one can continuously focus their conscious intent on their chosen objective the more that objective is

The intensive offers a dedicated environment plus the support for one to hold their focus without having to deal
with environmental distractions. The intensive also has the addition of certain communication tools that support the
individual with increased understanding as well as an increased reality of their new vision! Finally, the "ground of
being" that one has "reclaimed" (out from under the influence of the conditioning) can be rededicated into the individual's
new life mission! With new vision and a new life mission the individual can resume a renewed daily life that can now be
lived in higher consciousness that is more fully embodied!

(~ 3:33 AM Feb 6, 2014)
Happy Chinese New Year of the "Green Wood Horse"!
A year that may include "quick victories".
I am certainly looking forward to them all! ; - )

[1.] For more regarding the importance of learning dialogue see:

Sunday, February 2, 2014 -

A thought that I have begun contemplating and that I intend to
return here with more on this soon! -

Enlightenment Intensives are dedicated to supporting the individual participants throughout their process toward the realization of their
inner Truth as well as the lucid communication of that to another in
the dyad sessions.

Additional thoughts that I am posting here for my convenience. -

Dyad: "Tell me who you are imagining yourself to be."

Dyad: "Tell me who you imagined yourself to be in regards to _______________ (fill in the blank with one of the following: that
particular experience, that relationship or that subject matter.)

Another theme with a few parts.:
You may have heard "You are what you eat". If so then:
"Tell me something that is true for you about the idea 'You are
what you eat'".

Next in the sequence. Consider:
"You are what you digest."
If considered then:
"Tell me something that is true for you about the idea 'You are
what you digest.'"

Next in the sequence. Consider:
"You are what you don't digest."
If considered then:
"Tell me something that is true for you about the idea 'You are
what you don't digest.'"

Next in sequence. Consider:
"You consume what you are."
If considered then:
"Tell me something that is true for you about the idea 'You
consume what you are.'"

Next in the sequence. Consider:
"You digest what you are."
If considered then:
"Tell me something that is true for you about the idea 'You
digest what you are.'"

How about:
"You eliminate what you are not"?
How is your elimination?

"Food for thought" / "Thought for food".

June 22, 2017 - From an Interview by Catherine Austin Fitts with Thomas Meyer:

Catherine Austin Fitts: "Is it fair to say that Steiner had a very inspiring vision of what a human being could be?"

Thomas Meyer: "Oh, yes. If you only read what his experience of the human ego was in his development when he was about 20, that was something going so deep that he had an experience that the real Ego or the individuality was something indestructible and eternal for everyone. Usually, it (the Ego/Individuality) is in a deep sleep. So he was having an experience of the full potential of human individuality, which very few other people have had.[2]


[1] "The Impeccability of the Word":
By Sheri Rosenthal
as well as Don Miguel Ruiz: "The Four Agreements"

[2] The Solari Report -
Introduction to Rudolf Steiner with T.H. Meyer December 1, 2016:

[3] One of the truly great new "languages of light" is The Gene Keys - "an ever-expanding living holographic language".
See more:


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