Quadruple New Beginnings After "The Cardinal Grand Cross" by Chef JeM .....

April 29th is a day of activation with two 11s giving us multiplied new beginnings plus we have a new moon!

Date:   4/15/2014 12:54:51 AM ( 9 y ago)

When you add up the numbers in this year: 2014 it equals 7. Then when you add the number for April: 4 you get a total of 11 for this month. The number 1 is new beginnings and the number 11 is double new beginnings! In addition to that - when you take the date of the Tuesday the 29th and add up the 2 + 9 you get another 11! Therefore Tuesday, April 11th, 2014 is a phenomenal day of Quadruple New Beginnings! On top of all of those numbers we also have the New Moon starting a new cycle!:

More expensive report on this new moon in Taurus with the corresponding Sabian Symbol:

Began this blog a month ago with:
This is a most notable event that started two weeks ago as we moved by the first "pillar" before the Cardinal Grand Cross event on the 22nd.:

What will be "most notable" is much more than what we can naturally perceive with our own human eyes. Tania Gabrielle presents the hidden knowledge on this event in an excellent and easily comprehensible way! This is the beginning of a (IMO wonderful) change in effect for rest of this year and beyond! Nothing will remain the same!

Update "Easter Monday" 21st April

Just reviewed Tania Gabrielle's video and I recommend watching at least two times!

Also consider how this event comes into play in your own microcosm.:

"In your own chart, look to the houses that the planets will be transiting (along with of course any aspects to natal planets or points).

Mars retrograde in Libra shows where you may be feeling on the defense, where you need to negotiate, compromise or agree to disagree. This area of your chart is ‘fired up’ but energy is flowing inwards.

Jupiter shows the area of life that is being expanded, where you need to broaden your understanding, where you need to gain a bigger perspective, where you need more faith.

Uranus shows where change is needed and necessary, where you feel like rebelling, where you are awakening, where you need space, where you need a more objective viewpoint.

Pluto shows what is being broken down in your life, where elimination needs to happen, where you can empower yourself, where fears need to be faced.":

Continuing 3:51 AM Easter Monday - You can generate your own transit chart at the astrodienst site. Just saw that this Cardinal Grand Cross is transiting my natal chart in the grandest of ways!

Starred reading the Astro-mandala symbols for this cross and then found this site which has the Aries 14 degrees symbol in full!:

This gives me a certain validation on my reading that I decided starts with the Aries degree (for Uranus) and continues in a cross like fashion over to Libra 14 degrees (Mars), then down to Cancer 14 (Jupiter) and up to Capricorn 14 (Pluto). Dane Rudhyar offered that cross for the "What, Where To, How and Why" of an oracle reading.


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