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August 28, 2018 - You Are Your Purpose! -

"... YOU ARE TRUTH ITSELF. You are not separate from it. And just as you are truth, you are purpose itself. You are living your life’s purpose each moment because you ARE your purpose. Trying to find purpose is simply trying to find you. The truth of you.

Even if you never knew the Truth of who & what you are in your entire life, you would still have lived your life’s purpose, because you are your purpose. It is, however, a mistake to believe that there’s no point in realizing this truth consciously.

Being conscious of who & what you are, and what your purpose is, leads to greater fulfilment and less struggle. You are flowing with the current and not fighting against it. So until your nature and your consciousness are in union, you will be divided in your life, in your purpose, and your deepest expression of who you really are."[2]

I don't immediately concur with the statement that "Even if you never knew the Truth of who & what you are in your entire life, you would still have lived your life’s purpose" because of one thing: conditioning! The impact of conditioning can be so brutally extensive that an individual will live their life mostly attempting to fulfill the expectations, demands and projections of others. Consequently these individuals don't live their (non-conditioned) authentic self that may not be designed for attempting to fulfill other people's wishes.

Conditioning for everyone started at infancy. By the time a heavily conditioned individual is seven years old they are so "divided" from the true nature of their unique design and their consciousness that the possibility of truly living their life's purpose is totally suppressed. That is why when individuals finally break through their conditioned self (what Human Design calls the "Not Self") they often may make radical changes in their life to live more authentically as now they know who they are and are more able to live their life according to their design! It is who they truly are that is their purpose not who others have projected, expected and/or demanded them to be!

The authentic you is your life's purpose and the conditioned you is your "Not Self" purpose. It is critical to know the difference. One is a type of "dead man walking" and the other is real life! Do you realize the difference between these two?

Linked the above at LinkedIn and also added: "The 'authentic you' is 'a beautiful path'! The 'Not Self' is you being 'lost'."[3]

August 29, 2018 -

A friend (and a former great dyad partner of mine) had taken a training to possibly become a Life Purpose coach. I wonder to what extent the training may have presented one's unique Individuality as one's main Purpose in life. One thing for sure - the training was not inclusive of the Human Design System and therefore no reference to the "Self Center" with it's central themes of the Self, the Higher Self, and Direction - all quintessential support for realizing one's ultimate purpose in life!

Just now sent my friend a link to this blog and said: "I now see a Human Design-based 9-cenered approach to 'life purpose'. I can imagine developing a personalized course for individuals!

"I am involved with a wonderfully detailed system for understanding how to fulfill your life purpose. It’s called Human Design. When you get your Human Design chart your life purpose is encoded right at the top. It’s known as your 'Incarnation Cross'."[8]

The Human Design Incarnation Cross consist of two axes that cross on the Human Design mandala. You have an axis of Sun opposite Earth for the time you were born and a second Sun/Earth axis approximately 88 degrees prenatal for the time you incarnated. The combination of these two axes consists of four planetary activations in four of your Human Design gates. These axes also correspond to your primary activations in your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile. Between your Incarnation Cross and your Gene Keys "Activation Sequence" you will begin to realize your Life Purpose as an amazing journey into your authentic self.

Possibly the initial post in 2014 -

In the Human Design System (as well as in astrology) the Lunar North Node is about life purpose. My personality North Node is at Gate 37 which is "the most communal gate." My activation is at Line 5-Love. I've been aware of this influence in my life for forty-four years and following this direction, one way or another, for the past four decades.

South Node represents the environment which supports the North Node. My South Node is Gate 40. Lynda Bunnell in her "Definitive Book of Human Design"(1) says: "Gate 40 is the love of work, and when you are involved in work that is correct for you, you derive great satisfaction from delivering what you promised to an appreciative Tribe. ..." She expounds on this some more and emphasizes how essential it is that the Tribe keep their end of "the bargain". I'm acutely aware of my need for an appreciative Tribe now!

(1) "The Definitive Book of Human Design":

May 30th, 2014 -

Just commented on a review of the above book. The reviewer started out by saying:
"This book is extremely involved and probably overwhelming to most. Once, and if, understood it could shed light on your relationship dynamics and guide the reader towards deeper and more meaningful relationships while improving the ones already in place".

My comment -

Thank you for your review!
I certainly understand your assessment regarding "extremely involved", "way more complex" as well as "dense and overly complicated". Especially if this was your very first course in "The Human Design System". Although I have and value this book, I honestly would never recommend it as an initial introduction to Human Design. Instead I would recommend the book: "Human Design Revealed"[4]

The original Human Design revelation did not include a number of "add-ons" that I am reasonably certain made the system "way more complex ... and overly complicated". Therefore, please consider that you just "bumped into" an important introduction but in a less than fully graceful manner. There is a better way to be introduced to this very important system (a remarkable synthesis of both mystical wisdom as well as modern day sciences) and that introduction is available with "Human Design Revealed". This is the only published work that has focused entirely on the original revelation of the system and has eliminated all the other things that had risked compromising the system and possibly making it overly complicated.

I hope that I have corrected what potentially could lead to a false first impression for some people that then might discourage individuals from being introduced to a truly magnificent body of knowledge that I think every "seeker" deserves to at least be aware of.

Re: "Human Design Revealed":
"This is the most recent incarnation of the former Course in Human Design. With roots in 1993, it served as the standard for the original Human Design School until 2000. After that and to this day, it has remained the only presentation of the original Human Design System, a lone voice of simple clarity amidst a cacophony of interpretation and a catechism of beliefs." - Zeno[5]

August 29, 2018 - Continuing with the above "comment" -

"Human Design does not ask you to believe anything. It invites you to participate in a potentially life-transforming living experiment, and provides you with the practical tools and information needed to live life as yourself. Without this individualized – and individualizing – living experiment, Human Design is just a complex system of fascinating information to entertain the mind."[7]

This "living experiment" can begin very simply. At least I can mentor an individual toward their experiment with very simple suggestions to experiment with.

May 14, 2019 - How To Reconnect To Your Infinite Self and Calling -

Your Infinite Self is your Higher Self, your Super Wise Self that sends aspects of Itself out into the dimensional world in order to have a new way of experiencing Who It Is. Your Infinite Self revels in each and every incarnation and loves that incarnation with a fullness and intensity beyond your wildest imaginings.

How To Reconnect To Your Infinite Self and Calling

Believe that you have an Infinite Self and that you can create what you need. When you allow those things that are not yours to fall away, what you are here to do becomes much clearer. Here are some processes to help you let go of behaviors that lead to taking on responsibilities and obligations that aren’t truly yours:

• Get back inside of your own truth. This will reconnect you to your center.

• Re-engage your creativity.

• Do those activities that bring you joy and pleasure.

• Connect with people who truly see and appreciate you.

• Take breaks and rest!

• Have genuine, innocent fun.

• Reconnect with what is beautiful to you.

• Engage the rich world of your imagination.

• Remember that you are truly resilient.

• You are lovable and deserve love.

• You do have the power to call in and create your right life.

• Remember that you have a track record of courage and having made correct decisions despite how hard it was.

• You have a unique wisdom that has been built brick by brick from your life experience which you can share.

• Trust yourself to act in your own best interests.

• Strive to be real, that is, authentic to yourself and others.

• Value yourself. Understand that the time you have is precious and needed for your evolution and joy and for that of others.

• Get to know and respect your energy capacities and learn to work with them in a sustainable way.

When you apply these actions, what belongs to you will stay, and what is not yours will fall away. In this way, your purpose and calling can emerge freely. The gifts and challenges of your journey and the hard-won insights and knowledge you have acquired are too precious, too necessary and too much fun to be allowed to buried or put off by energy-consuming false callings (including wrongly assumed responsibilities) that distract from and are not in alignment with your authentic nature or purpose.

You have to do your calling. And that doesn’t mean you become selfish and unavailable. When you act out of integrity and faithfulness to your purpose, your responsibilities to others become much clearer.

Next Steps -

• Allow yourself to feel into your desires. Your desires contain your truths. Identify your truths so that you can live from them.

• Listen intently and deeply to your heart.

• Say yes to whatever causes your heart to zing. Your truths will make your heart zing.

• Let go of thoughts that say you’re not good enough. You can do this by facing your fears. The act of facing your fears will take you to the very edge of your courage. That edge is a place from which you can launch who you are.

• Become willing to just be in the journey (letting go vs. striving).

• Live each day as if it were your calling.

• Take action on what seems most right or most important.

Your life purpose will be made manifest as you follow your soul intentions. Your life purpose is given specific focus and meaning from the Soul. Your Soul is the driver of your life purpose. Ask yourself often: What does my Soul want? Your Soul is ready to use the map of your Design! This is because there was intention for your life, even before you were born.

Your Soul's Purpose Is The Most Sacred Thing There Is![9]

Inspired to quote this at length upon reading: "Calling" in conjunction with "Reconnect To Your Infinite Self." This connects to a lengthly conversation I had last week with a housemate who realized the importance of framing a public presentation or introduction on discovering our individual calling. I replied saying this is exactly the objective of my mentoring work with individuals.

October 19th, 2014 -

"The 5th house is your heart expression and how you express love to others. It’s about mastering one’s life, and manifesting what you want."[6]

My Lunar North Node is located in my astrological Fifth House however the Human Design System doesn't address the houses and so I have to look elsewhere for the details. I find the "soulmate site" linked above insightful and resonate with the quote! Here's another quote at that site.:

"Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce said that the real value of astrology is understanding our cycles of soul growth: not prediction."

May 24, 2018 - What Is "Life"? -

One of the quintessential dyads is: "Tell me what life is".

I recognize the following as true insight:

"... Life is in our image, we see in it only what we carry within us."[1] - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.












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