"Space-Time ... Experience Itself As The Human Being" by Chef JeM .....

Cosmometry ~ Discovering the Holofractographic Universe

Date:   5/30/2014 7:08:44 AM ( 9 y ago)

Once you have a teeny-weenie awareness of this it immediately transforms your whole perspective on the universe and your place in it!

"... the holofractographic universe model may be understood as a description of the dynamics of consciousness. It is not the individual human being that is producing consciousness, rather space-time itself radiates and absorbs information in a feedback loop and thus experience itself as the human being, in all its glory. Physical structure arise within this field of consciousness, and everything in nature is conscious as information flows into the vacuum at all points. The space-time manifold is expressing and experiencing itself, and through this exchange it evolves into ever deeper levels of complexity and synchronicity. All is immersed in a field of conscious energy, and the field itself is continually adapting, innovating and self-organizing itself at all scales according to its new position in the cosmic fractal. Each individual, each singularity, is like a conduit to this field, a channel through which a unique path of creation unfolds as we spiral through the vacuum of space. The question then is: how can we flow better with the topology of space? How can we influence what creations manifest within our own sphere of experience?":


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