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3.) "Another Kind of Garden - The Methods of Jean Pain"

Date:   6/9/2014 4:57:48 AM ( 9 y ago)

A course for producing "large amounts of heat (through) a Compost-Power system ... based on the pioneering work of the non-profit network at and French inventor Jean Pain ... used to create steady base-load heat for domestic hot water, process heat, space-heating or greenhouse-heating ...":

I was inspired into this direction from this article by the Biodynamic Association:

which mentions Jean Pain's book: "Another Kind of Garden" (apparently published in 1979). There's an archived version online:

Jean mentions John Fry. Here's some of the work of John.:

"Methane Digesters
For Fuel Gas and Fertilizer With Complete Instructions For Two Working Models"
L. John Fry
Santa Barbara, California:

I'm looking further into these methods.


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