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Research for my book.

Date:   6/15/2014 7:13:25 AM ( 9 y ago)

"... the most-visited object in the British Museum.":


Inspired with:
"... Today, the term “Rosetta Stone” is used idiomatically to describe any critical key that unlocks something previously impossible to decipher.": in my reading here:

I have what amounts to as some additional “Rosetta Stones” that I am "polishing" for my book now.

June 15th -

"... The goal of clear concise communication is that the receiver(s) have no misunderstanding about what was meant to be conveyed.":

I agree! This is one of the foundations for, with and in my book.

"... An exception to this could include a politician whose 'weasel words' and obfuscation are necessary to gain support from multiple constituents with mutually exclusive conflicting desires from their candidate of choice. Ambiguity is a powerful tool of political science."

There are plenty of examples where "words of art" (especially in cases that involve some form of personal liability) has been taken to unfathomable depths for the sake of "private" agendas.

One example is the way that the federal income tax is presented to the general public with legal "weasel" terms that make it appear that everyone is liable. The truth is that not every individual American is liable! That is not just because there is a minimum amount of "income" that's required for the liability.

June 16th -

Made a comment at another blog regarding the Human Design System:
"We have what we need within our Design. Therefore we can relax the compulsions for 'self-improvement' (as if "improvement" is really possible ; ~ )!
It's a matter of de-conditioning."

June 20th -

According to Charles Berner, (Founder of "The Institute of Ability", developer of "The Enlightement Intensive" and "Mind Clearing"):
“The pairs of opposites which make up the mind set the stage for conflicts in life that appear
to be real but which are not. The only true, basic duality is you as a divine individual and the
other as a divine individual, and there is no inherent conflict in this relationship. The apparent conflict is only within oneself. It consists of one’s trying to understand or have
union with the other, on the one hand, and one’s forcing and resisting on the other hand. This resistance and forcing is due only to our ignorance of what others actually are.”:


What a relief!
Whatever may appear as a "conflict" between individuals is actually a projection of the conflict/s within the individual/s.

July 4th -

Every individual has their natural- born freedom as to whether or not they wish to communicate with others! The sooner that is understood, accepted and honored the less inner-conflict and the less conflict that gets projected onto others.


The pdf with the above quote came by way of Linda Newbold. She prefaced the link as follows.:

"For Counsellors, Psychotherapists & the Interested Layman:

I wrote this Summary following training in Mind Clearing through 1990-1993. It is taken from the manuals from which we studied on the course. Those manuals were themselves summaries based on years of research into both Sahaja Yoga and the ancient Upanishad scriptures as interpreted by Patanjalis, and then in turn by Charles Berner. ... I was trained by a student of his in London, known then by the Sanskrit name of Tara Devi.

I believe the content to be accessible to the interested layman and hence I am providing a link to a .pdf file for anyone to use as they wish and trusting that they will acknowledge this source!

It has certainly been of value in my work throughout the years ...":


In the pdf is another link that I am now reading. The following may or may not be included in my first book.:

"Western psychology is still developing and along several divergent lines; continually producing new theories and discarding old ones. If one says categorically: 'Western psychology holds this view...,' one is always in danger of being reprimanded for inaccuracy. We may, however, make one statement safely. The majority
of Western psychotherapists do not, as yet, recognize the existence of the Atman, the Godhead within man; and do not, therefore, attempt to help their patients achieve the unlon of
perfect yoga.":


June 22nd -

"It is time that we stopped living in a world without using our inward insight to the visible laws of nature, of both the outer and the inner.":


This afternoon I unexpectedly reconnected with one of my "daily affirmations" from two days ago:
"I realize that there are laws that govern the universe, and I work with these laws in every area of my life."

In the process of reaffirming that affirmation I became all the more impressed with "these laws" and the fact that my personal email just happens to be "@these-truths.com." Now at my main blog "Son of Truth ..." I'm contemplating the relationship of all of this in light of the knowledge that there are certain "laws of nature" that require "our inward insight" to know and to follow.

According to "The Declaration of Independence" (1776) - "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" entitle people to live in freedom. The very next line begins: "We hold these truths to be self-evident ...".

"The Laws" and "these truths" are giving me more food for thought now! -

There is a need to know the "laws of nature" and especially how they support us in fulfilling our highest destinies based on our own self-evident truths. However, "these truths" require "using our inward insight"; something that each of us must develop for ourselves.


"The Noble Eightfold Path is not a set of beliefs or laws but rather a practical, direct experience method for finding meaning and peace in your life. ... Its eight factors function as an integrated system or matrix that supports and informs all parts of your life. ...":


I had looked at the "Integral" model and am grateful to see that there already is an integral model in buddhism.


July 4th -


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