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"Living in the Era of Virtual Conversations"

Date:   6/28/2014 5:50:23 AM ( 9 y ago)

I want to use virtual conversation technology for dyad communications that emphasize contemplation just as these dyads have been used in the “enlightenment intensives” (EIs) developed by Charles Berner. Typically the EIs would require a special retreat-type setting able to accommodate all the participants (and staff plus the expenses). The thought that an "EI" could take place in whatever space one would like (providing that the individual can be assured not to have any interruptions) would be a phenomenal event! How do I access this technology?

"Virtual conversation systems are already used in:

Online learning environments and virtual class rooms,
Gaming applications,
Virtual conversation coaching (e.g. MIT Media Lab MACH application),
Virtual psychotherapeutically counselling,
Drug reference and advice systems,
Virtual patient communication":


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