The "Self Center" AKA "G Center" and/or "Ji Center" by Chef JeM .....

In the synthesis of the Human Design System there are vast fields of common ground.

Date:   7/17/2014 7:04:27 AM ( 9 y ago)

The Human Design System is a daily part of my life in a number of ways. Whenever I'm having a conversation with another and I have the opportunity to express something that I realize is most unique to my Human Design I often will mention the fact that what I am saying is true for my Design! I love speaking "Human Design"! I especially appreciate my continued learning and growing, both in the knowledge of the Human Design System (HDS) as well as the knowedge of my own most unique Human Design!

I have my "Self Center" Defined in my Human Design. The center is aka the "G" and / or the "Ji" Center. What does "G" stand for? It appears to be one of the mysteries in the HDS. However "Ji" appears to be a more familar term. The following quote comes from a genteleman who is "part of a group of Universal Mentors teaching spiritual technologies and techniques to unlock your unlimited potential!"

"Jio is an affectionate, but still respectful, variation of the word Ji, which means soul.":

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