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My first days in the current Uranus Retrograde.

Date:   7/22/2014 12:59:40 AM ( 9 y ago)

I thought I had a "full report" from the first day of our current Uranus Retrograde that I wanted to submit here however the spontainious reversals that I continue to experience with the "freedom-loving impulse for sudden change" attributed to Uranus doesn't seem to allow for that luxury! (updated on the 23rd)

(original entry):
I just sent the following message to unsubscribe from what I'll call an independent contractor who "talked" about "community"-building to which my interest had "lit up" and to which I had responded positively by signing up however with the latest message I immediately aw one thing that is missing and that I point out here in my reply.:

"Any 'relationship' that I may possibly have with another can only be built on with the inclusion of some direct communication, otherwise I do not have the essential connection that I need to proceed."

23rd - I'm so glad I'm reviewing this now as I am reminded of further realizations (of which I can consider part of my current "Harvest Cycle"). Firstly that the only real realtionship that I have with another individual is that which is directly connected with that individual and not via the "pronouncements" or any other "communications" of an intervening party! I can also see extending this principal to other dynamics of life form the individual dynamic all the way up to planetary and beyond.


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