The Link Between Morgellon's and the BP Oil Spills by whenwillitend .....

New light shed on the origins of Morgellon's and the link between Corexit, Synthia, and the oil eating super bacteria of the BP oil spills

Date:   1/12/2015 7:40:35 AM ( 6 y ago)

A Facebook friend of mine gently steered me in the direction of the oomycetes and oil eating bacteria that was used to clean up the various oil spills that have taken place over the years. At first I was extremely skeptical, but then last night and this morning I did the research. I think he is very, very correct. These microbes later would be taken up and then would fall across the world in the form of RAIN. Here are some links to get you started doing the research for yourself and I think you'll find that the evidence speaks for itself.
Highly detailed and comprehensively many aspects of the health impact of volatile liquid and solid components of the oil and dispersants are discussed in the document "Health hazards associated with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico» - «Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards». In this highly specialized, Pestryaev links to documents, the study is emphasized the danger of prolonged exposure to the combination of the biosphere combined crude oil and koreksita. Among the systems of the human body directly exposed to the damaging effects of a combination of the title include:
"Respiratory system;
cardiovascular system;
the immune system;
musculoskeletal system;
system integument;
the nervous system, including the brain;
reproductive / genitourinary system;
endocrine system;
gastrointestinal tract;
sensory system;
hematopoietic system;
disruption of metabolism.
Every three to four weeks, a cycle of horror repeats itself across Steve Kolian’s face. First it becomes itchy. Then the bumps appear. Then a raw, irritating redness sets in before the skin peels away in patches. Finally, it all disappears for a while.
Other parts of his body, however, seem to be in perpetual disrepair. Dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, bloody stools and cognitive issues surface intermittently, painful reminders of the toxic assault he and untold others endured following the April 2010 explosion on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

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