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Idea For a Film Script

Date:   1/26/2015 8:44:03 AM ( 8 y ago)

This idea inspired me this evening while I was eating my dinner. I'm so glad I had my pocket notebook with me with one page left!

First, a smidgen of background before I mention the idea. My aspiring film-script writer friend had just shared with me his "quintessential" film scene just as I was preparing to make my dinner and along with that sharing he told me again about the man who walked into the white house all on his own without clearance, escort or whatever! Telling that to me the second time underscored that it was a specific warning to the "first family". (I might want to make a separate comment on the phrase "first family".) That sharing stimulated my thinking and at my dinner I spontaneously imagined a scene that I simultaneously realized would require advanced "photoshop" special effect/animation. The scene is the white house gets swallowed by a "beast" that is so expansive that the white house continues to function without any outward appearing alterations but wholly within the belly of the beast.


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