Vision: Go To The Bones by lfire .....

Listening to the beat of drums, I went into a vision state, and was left wondering as to its meaning...

Date:   11/1/2015 3:06:45 PM ( 7 y ago)


I could hear the drumbeat.
As I listened, I was transported into the sky and I could see the earth below.

Then I noticed I could see my bones scattered on the desert floor.
They must have been there for a long time as they were bleached white.
They were no longer in the form of a skeleton, but were heaped into small piles and scattered about.
Some were partly buried by the sands as they were moved around by the winds and animals as they nibbled at them.

As I looked at my bones, I saw a crow land near them.
Crow was pecking at the ground looking for bugs and also was pecking at my bones.
Soon other crows came and joined in, pecking at my bones.

Then I was distracted, as I saw a hawk flying overhead.
I watched it circle around easily gliding with the breeze.

When I looked back at my bones, I could see that the crows were moving my bones around and making a whole different form with them.
The form was not far along at this point and I could not see what form the crows were making.

Just them the drumbeat must have stopped as I was brought back into ordinary awareness.
I was upset that I was brought back before I could see what form the crows were making.
Was this the form of a new and different me?

I was left wondering...

After the vision of the bones and wondering about what form the crows were making, I later ended up writing this:

I am who I always was.
But I didn’t know it!
I was hidden from myself, not even daring to peek from the depths of my being.

I chased the shadows.
They flitted around merging with the landscaping,
while I stubbornly demanded they appear to be real.

In pain I cried out as every cell in my body ached for the real Truth of the Self.
I didn’t even know its essence was truly the Big Secret that I was searching for.
I heard some voices calling to me: “Look inside yourself”, they said.
But I laughed it off as I had heard that before and didn’t believe it was that simple.
I didn’t believe that everything I was crying for was already mine!
How do I fold myself into small enough pieces to find where the Secret place, the Self, is hidden?

Even the trees whisper to me and the birds carry messages to me sending their support and love.
They all support me as I release myself from the bondage I have put myself into.
Who am I that is emerging?

I feel the stirring inside the shell.
I can see the cracks getting bigger.
The cocoon that harbored the one so locked into the old dimension is developing into a new form!
The Phoenix is arising!
Rising from the ashes and bones of the old being.
Becoming something in a new form.
(Yet again? I cry!)
Oh yes, again
and again.
As many times as necessary!
Happy that this latest process seems to be about over!
Process!......... Process!
No time. Just allowing. Just being whatever it is in the moment!
Now there is a glimmer! Oh yes, it is getting clear,
the new form is emerging........................................OH!................................
It is ME.....I am becoming the MASTER I always was!

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