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#35.) The Octologue as a societal structure.

Date:   1/14/2016 10:47:29 AM ( 7 y ago)

In the early 80's I was introduced to the octagon as an ideal number for group dynamics. I've just revisited the octagon and find it most appealing! It is said that a +/- 1 variable is acceptable. Ideally the group would have four men and four women and that it can also work with 5/3 or 3/5. I'd prefer the 4/4.

Consider this article that introduces the subject matter of the Octologue as a societal structure.[1]

I'm inspired with the seed idea of taking Cheeta to the next step by forming a Cheeta Octologue!

January 17th - Continuing with "Cheeta Octologue".

The main idea for the "Cheeta Octologue" is to nurture communications of spiritual guidance that are based on the ability of each of the eight members to access their Inner Christ.



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