Nebulizing Dmso/Iodine Mixture to Clear Lung Infection by blueplanet .....

Do you know that iodine and DMSO can be nebulized? Together, iodine and DMSO can cure almost all kinds of minor respiratory diseases, including cough, COPD, excessive accumulation of tars in the lung, lung infection seasonal flu and bird flu.

Date:   1/21/2016 12:17:37 AM ( 7 y ago)

Iodine can serve as a disinfectant. But iodine solution cannot dissolve the tar which remains in the lung and which is produced by the burning of tobacco and other pollutant in the act of smoking. Also, oral iodine cannot reach the lung straightforwardly.

The following method has been experimentally proven for stopping all kinds of lung infection, cough, COPD, lung tar, bird flu, seasonal flu, etc.

Step 1: Purchase the following materials:

50ml of DMSO,
a spoon of Iodine,
a spoon of potassium iodide and
a ultrasonic vaporizer.

Step 2: Mix one spoon of iodine crystals and one spoon of potassium iodide in 300 ml distilled water.

Step 3: Add 50 ml of DMSO to the iodine/potassium iodide mixture from Step 2.

Step 3: Use an ultrasonic nebulizer to inhale the mists saturated with DMSO/Iodine.

For those with a lung cancer, this method will stop the cough and temporarily alleviate the discomfort in the lung or other areas of the respiratory airway. But this method is not powerful enough to cure a lung cancer!


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