Melt Your "Iceberg" by Chef JeM .....

Inspiration to develop a new meditation

Date:   7/19/2016 5:09:49 AM ( 6 y ago)

The subject is based on the image of an iceberg were about 10% of it is above the surface leaving 90% essentially hidden below the surface. I think this can apply to human consciousness. Maybe 10% is conscious leaving 90% unconscious.

Recently I've begun to "own" my "iceberg". (Just writing this now brings a pleasant smile into my conscious awareness!) I'm using "iceberg"

I'm inspired with the thought of developing a new meditation devoted to melting one's iceberg.

November 11th -

Further validation on some of my main messages:

"When life experiences move freely through the subconscious mind, the body is able to heal.” -
The Power of infinite Love and Gratitude - page 5


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