How Can We Close The Door To Psychopathy? by Chef JeM .....

You know the psychopath is a psychopath when the damage that is caused by their behavior is recognized as such and yet they show no sign of any conscience about that!

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September 4, 2020 - "We hold the ultimate club over corporations" -

"...The actual government of this country, vested in The United States of America, our Federation of independent and sovereign States of the Union, can dissolve corporations for 'unlawful activity' and so can the individual States dissolve corporations that have been incorporated by the State-of-State organizations.

In this way, we hold the ultimate club over corporations that have been incorporated 'in our names'--- but we must get organized to use it.

This means that many of us must take action to declare our birthright political status as Americans, join our State Assemblies, and stand read to dissolve corporations that have been deliberately operated or misdirected to operate in 'unlawful' ways---- which includes failure to fully disclose contractual obligations and results of contract."[6]*

July 2, 2020 - The "Stealthy Process of 'Hypothecating Debt'" -

... When the Nazi Regime borrowed immense amounts of money from Jewish investors, and were then unwilling to pay them back, they blamed the victims while acting as criminals themselves.

That is, they blamed the Jews, because they stole the Jews' investment money. They blamed the victims and murdered their Priority Creditors by the busload.

That is the same thing that they intended to do here, in America, with only the slight twist that instead of borrowing hard assets and asset-backed money, here they "borrowed" our credit by a stealthy process of "hypothecating debt" against our assets.

They did this the same way that a credit card hacker does -- by impersonating you, stealing your data, and making charges against your credit without your knowledge or permission.

And now those bills are due, and they are guilty of the crime, and they want a scapegoat. They want to blame the American States and People for their own crimes against us. And we are saying, what ho?

So they use trusted members of our community (just as they used the Jewish Rabbis) to identify us using a "Yellow Star" ---- only this time the trusted traitors are Medical Doctors that these fiends have illegally conscripted and illegally licensed as "Uniformed Officers" under Federal Code Title 37, and then forced them to participate in this gigantic Covid-19 Hoax under pain of Dereliction of Duty and Insubordination and loss of their license to practice medicine.

This is not the first time they pulled this trick and used doctors to betray the people of this country. Medical Doctors are the lynch-pins and key implementers of the entire Birth Certificate Fraud. It's the MDs that have given the False Witness and signed every single piece of paper deliberately misidentifying American babies as "U.S. Citizens", and not Americans.

And now comes the "Yellow Star" part of the Hoax, wherein they and their minions force people to wear masks, as if they were sick and admitting that they have "Covid-19" when they are in fact perfectly healthy.

This is then calculated to be a signal to certain creditors who eat people like we eat cattle, that those wearing masks are "diseased" and fair game to harvest. ..."[5]

March 28, 2020 - Pull All The "Curtains" (Corporate Veils) -

Liars, Liars, Stumps on Fire.... By: Anna Von Reitz -

The rats are trying to buy an interest in our estates for themselves using our assets and credit to do so.


They are presenting "the CDC" as some big authority we all need to listen to.

The CDC is a privately owned vaccine company and on the take for hundreds of millions of dollars from the men who promoted weaponization of the Common Cold.

Don't believe me? Maybe you will believe RFK, Jr.?

These despicable criminals set up this entire pandemic to profit themselves.

Instead of being in position to control and manipulate our response to their handiwork.....

And instead of being allowed to profit themselves....

They should be arrested, tried, and executed without any further adieu.

It might not help their victims, but at least we would be rid of them.

And as for the CDC, it should be shut down and all its assets liquidated.

It's Board of Directors should be denied any benefit of the corporate veil.

Its' collaborators on this "project" --- DARPA, the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should all be similarly dismembered, liquidated, and their board members/trustees denied any protection of the corporate veil.

Corporations are only allowed to exist for the Public Good, and as you can see, these corporations have not existed for the Public Good.

They have planned this pandemic with malice aforethought and for profit.

Thousands of people have already died because of these mass murderers.

And now, Mr. Trump --- do you know what your duty is? [4]

August 13, 2026 -

I like to color my life outside the lines that others appear to set for me (which is my personalized version of "color Your life outside the lines others would set for you".[1]

I have a housemate/friend who is a professor who is involved with public health and who apparently believes whatever warnings come by way of the CDC or the like. The professor has expressed concerns a number of times this year and previously regarding virus-carrying mosquitoes. My response at the last "presentation" was to ask if the professor had screens on their bedroom window as a "first take care of your own space" approach trying to control the whole third-of-an-acre-property that we live on.

The idea of closing the "door/s" to mosquitoes coming into the house apparently is not sufficient as the professor found standing water outside and energetically demanded that it be emptied. I replied saying I had looked into the alleged threat of the supposed "West NIle virus" and the like and found a lack of evidence directly connecting the viruses to mosquitoes. In any case I do not know of anyone who has died or come close to death in our location as a result of being bit by a mosquito!

My "line" of thinking was flatly refuted by the professor who insisted that they had done their due-diligent research and verified the connection to their complete satisfaction. The professor repeated their request to me to dump out the standing water (that I had in four buckets surrounding the four legs of a worm-bin standing inside them to ward off ants invading the bin). I essentially agreed to better secure the pieces of screen that I had (somewhat loosely) placed around the legs at the tops of the buckets (knowing that those screens were not really going to stop mosquitoes from entering the buckets). I walked away saying I'd attend to that after my tea.

I felt emotionally upset. I soon realized that I had made an agreement without having my emotional clarity which is most essential for me! The issue was "alive" in my mind and I needed to decide upon some degree of resolution asap. I thought I'd end the vermiculture project based on the fact that I don't have the help I need from the other seven housemates. I also realized that if I were to make that decision without emotional clarity that the matter would may still not be resolved. Then I realized that I could simply change the water chemistry to prevent mosquitoes being attracted to those buckets. I decided upon this option as I was washing out a dish rag with a fresh squeeze of dish soap and then I save the bucket of dishwater and added that to the four buckets.

Later the professor returned saying they had gone online and verified a mosquitoe alert for our area. I said I do not have any argument with you about that now and I have changed the water chemistry, etc. The professor added that they would have accepted the standing water if it would be emptied out on a regular basis. Then I stated that I am through with expecting help form others and we had some conversation about that. Bottom line is that I do not accept the "lines" that others appear to set for me and most especially when those lines come without true dialogue, the lack of which leaves the door to psychopathy open. I agree that being bit by mosquitoes is not pleasant and that there have been people in the past who reportedly have gotten sick from mosquitoes bites however the chances for this kind serious illness now where I live is IMO as close to zero as it can possibly get! But the "psychopathy" has been rampant!

I now find it interesting to me that I see a common theme reoccurring regarding different perspectives on health-related issues and that today I have included the perspective of "mental health" on this spectrum as well as the need (that at least I have) to determine what is healthy and what is not!

To answer the question: "How Can We Close The Door To Psychopathy?" I'm convinced that we must find ways to have dialogue with one another. I most certainly need to find new ways of inquiry so that dialogue can be possible and most especially when I'm being confronted by another's "demand" that I perform some action to satisfy their perspective that I don't believe in! Is this one of the challenges of our times now?

October 10, 2016 -

If perception is a question between projection and true perception then Psychopathy probably falls into the first category. In my observations (and according to A Course In Miracles) there appears to be a general propensity among humans for some degree of projection. I know I certainly have had the propensity! And my "saving myself" is largely attributed to my awareness of that propensity. And now with the following astrological insight I believe I can begin to have more understanding, tolerance and compassion for others who often project upon me:

I have my Natal Neptune in the 1st House -
"With your natal Neptune in your 1st house, you can be a sensitive and compassionate person, putting other people before yourself. You’re dreamy, imaginative, and creative, and you want everyone to get along. There’s a charisma to you that people like, and people tend to see you as they want to see you rather as for who you really are. ..."[2]

October 11, 2016 -

Just posted the following comment to an article[3] and will add the relevancy to the blog's headline subject matter right after.

I agree with the need for "checks" and the first being checking the president. However with the governmental system operating just as it is for the past 227 years, with all the investments of power and wealth dependent upon this system and with the indoctrinated beliefs of the people in this system (despite all the complaints) don't expect the kind of radical changes that are required for the true rule of Law. That's because:

1.) the true rule of Law is not the isolated "Constitution" but all four Organic Laws;

2.) The powers of the "president" were originally presented as separate powers in a "head of State" and a "head of government" yet these were combined right from the start when Washington was first duly elected President of the United States of America (head of State) but then also took the oath of office as President of the United States (head of government over the "United States" as the proprietary jurisdiction of Congress and not the several states);

and 3.) the nature of this "government" is ant-freedom.

Therefore the whole system needs to be "checked". The only way i know of accomplishing that is to get absolutely clear about who you are as a free American inhabitant just like the free American inhabitants as of the first Organic Law; The Declaration of Independence and acknowledged by the second Organic Law: The Articles of Confederation. Without your self-evident Truth and these first two Organic Laws you will be up a constitutional creek without a paddle!

If psychopathy is dependent upon "projection" rather than true perception (with it's inherent insight and discernment intact) then the governmental system that exists in America (south of the Canadian border and north of the Mexican border) is completely psychopathic.

The work of a fellow student of the Organic Laws was recently featured by our professor Dr. Ed Rivera and at the top of the list of - "Statement of Facts" is:

"The written legal basis of all government in North America, prior to July 4, 1776, officially ended with the Treaty of Paris of 1783. The American people were freed from any obligation to obey government by the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777. These two Organic Laws required the States of the Union to govern by the consent only of those willing to be governed and to leave alone those North American free inhabitants who did not wish to be governed under the written law of humans ..."

[1] From a newsletter by:
Carol Barbeau







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