Solstice/New Year Thoughts by lfire .....

Energy shifts as we move from 2016 into the new year of 2017

Date:   12/26/2016 1:25:25 PM ( 6 y ago)

Solstice, New Year Thoughts

2016 brought us many changes and shifts. As we move forward, we meet many fields of inquiry.
We have been though many years of what we perceived as slow movement forward. We complained that things were going so slowly. When is this 3-D crap (high spiritual term.....ha ha ha) ever changing? We wanted to actually SEE the change happen.

We waited impatiently. Yes, we saw small changes happen. Some big officials got caught, some countries had big changes, but it didn't seem to affect US.

Time ticked by and we felt shifts and changes within us, yet those big outer changes seemed to happen very slowly. 3-D seemed still very much in charge. We kept looking for the tipping point. When will it happen? We waited impatiently.

Then the big surprise happened!!

We were shocked! WAIT! We cried....we didn't mean THIS to happen! We forgot that big changes are what we asked for! We forgot that it wasn't about the event, it was a symbol of the even more changes that we wanted. That we need. That may be rough, uncomfortable, chaos and a mess as they occur.......Yet this is what has been said would happen. It is what we have waited for. Change is not necessarily comfortable. It can be messy.
Chaotic. But as we look forward... it is also necessary.

NOW is the time to ask ourselves....

What future do we really want?
How do we want the world to work?
We need to resolve our OWN questions about what do we really love? What is our true path?
How do we want our life's work?

If we find our answer is to write,
then we need to write.
If it is to be an artist, then we need to do art.

Start with whatever you have. Do it whenever you can. Just do it!! Time will expand to meet you as you do more and more of whatever it is you love to do.

Be ready for more big changes!
Be ready for chaos! Be ready for your own changes! Follow your inner guidance.
Many of us have already seen what is coming and are preparing. It CAN be a good thing!
It is how you interpret the events as they happen.

Things to remember:

Everything is Spirit.
There is only one prayer: "THANK YOU!"
Be in gratitude!

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