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Possible Dyads: Tell me what Mother Earth is. Tell me what your relationship to Mother Earth is.

Date:   2/27/2017 7:34:52 AM ( 6 y ago)

Based on the Enlightenment Intensive (searchable online) I've found what I call Dyad Intensives to be just as "enlightening". One such three day intensive I participated was totally focused on what Gaia (or Nature) is. On the third day I experienced a most profound connection with the Living Earth! In that experience I realized my relationship to Mother Earth in terms of a "priest" to Her. If I were a co-creator/co-director of an Earth-based community/group I'd highly recommend that we all join together in a three-day intensive on the land! I do not know if there ever was this kind of intensive by a group or community on their own site. In any case I am confident that it would deepen the group's connection with the land and with one another.

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Enlightenment Intensives Masters can be further enlightened in their relationship with the participants by knowing the Human Design of each participant.

I was motivated to start this post now after reading Omraam's "Thought" regarding those who "exploit nature":
"an entire shift in awareness ... must take place within (people) so that their relations not only with humans but with nature are finally alive and rich."[1]

Over one million results from my search for:
definition"exploiting the earth".

The consciousness of the "exploiters" needs to be raised. I believe that consciousness-raising begins with those who are already inclined to "loving Mother Earth" (rather than exploiting her). The openness is most probably with these individuals for a profound deepening/expansion that can build toward the "100th Monkey" phenomena! That is why I think of having an "intensive by a group or community on their own site" rather than going in the direction of an outward activism and yet I support that as well!

I am an active member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, have had active membership in the Biodynamic Associations both nationally and regionally and am a devoted compost builder (for about the past twenty-two years). As I write this I can imagine having compost-building (and possibly Biodynamics) in the "work contemplations" during a three-day intensive.

I'm starting to get really excited about this idea as I write this! I intend to start a conversation with my good friend who is on forty plus acres now and working toward building a community there!

March 11, 2017 -

Most recently I discovered that Human Design Canada has a page on psychology that I found deep affinity with. The page briefly mentions "homogenized second-hand identities". This was the first time I heard of this phrase and it inspired me to search for others who may have used it. I redid my search for "second-hand identities" with some results and from there found a Google book that I quote from:

“I had gone to the jungle to drink yaje, supposedly to gain self-knowledge, and then found I was at a loose end most of the time. But the biggest obstacle wasn’t the boredom itself but the external pressure that made (me) feel guilty about the situation. It wasn’t my soul which suffered from this idleness, but the many egos which had been implanted in my being by society, the same as anyone else. The more I drank yaje, the more it showed me the nature of this conditioning: masks alien to the essential self; second-hand identities, artificial and meaningless.”[2]

I'd like to have a conversation with my friend who I believe has drank this or another similar drink. Is it possible for an individual who has drunk yaje (or the like) to do a dyad with another individual (who hasn't had the drink) while they are under the effect of the drink? If so could this be a journey for a group to consider "hosting" in a dyad intensive? In any case the author of the book I quoted from appears to have gained clear insight into the nature of what Ra Uru Hu has termed the "Not-Self".



[2] Yaje: The New Purgatory: Encounters with Ayahuasca By Jimmy Weiskopf


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