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Strange things are happening...

Date:   1/31/2018 8:44:42 PM ( 4 y ago)

It seemed like an ordinary day.
But then, I started slurring my speech and not being able to say words.
My son rushed me to the hospital.
I was having a stroke.

Later in my hospital room, I slipped into a deep “trance” state.
Large volumes of life passed by. The 3-D no longer had any hold and I watched it pass
with no concern.
I was here,
yet I was not here.

Great Spirit, show me the next step!
Show me the path.
Do I move on to a different world? A different dimension?
I could hear the clamber of things moving.
Then, silence.
Now, I am again in the hospital room.
Thank you Spirit for this next step.

Ever increasing, more understandings become known..
Now, the earth is seen as an interesting samara* of eons of
never ending histories. Wars, wars and more wars.
Not just here on earth but also inter-galactically.
Suddenly, it is shown the true nature of this galaxy is one of repetition.
It is more clear than ever before.
Now different galaxies and different universes make themselves known.
The earth and the galaxies are seen more as “over there”.
The experiences are only seen as an interesting movie.
Different galaxies are now experienced; new and different in being.
Many years ago, this was noticed and puzzled over. Now it is shown to be real.

Thoughts, dreams
This has been the strangest time.
Strange things are happening inside myself since I have been back from the hospital.
Am I really back?
What is this crying stuff? Seems I cry for no reason...
Dreams. Lots of dreams. Lots of explanations that people won't understand.
Like there are other universes that are much different than what we could even think about.
The 3-D world seems to have a repeater built inside so that we will automatically
create the same scenarios for millions of decades and more.
This is also why histories would repeat over and over.

Interesting...I wondered why I could not contact some of those who passed away; it seems that they were so far away that I could not reach them from here.
I only figured it out this minute. I realized a clue was when I heard a tape (from years ago)
by Jane Roberts channeling Seth 3. I was really impressed how far away the voice seemed,
a quality that resounded now.
I recognize it. HA=I think I got it!!
It is that galaxy that is way beyond ours, that I seem to get messages or information from lately...

*samara is a Hindu word meaning lives lived over and over and over again


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