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Date:   4/29/2018 4:59:40 PM ( 4 y ago)

Recent Collage Art "Chocolate 01" by LFIRE (c)2018


           What is in-between
           where we are
           (where we THINK we are
           where we imagine we are.....)
           and where we think we are going?

Why do we think that the star brothers /people are not real
when there are ancient writings, and buildings that prove this?
Why do we think that they were not here,
or that the knowledge they passed on to us is not on-going?
Or that there is far more than only this galaxy and the dramas of this 3rd dimension,
the current solar system, and its “repeater” programming?

Sitting staring out the window, I notice that I seem to be somewhere else.
I wonder if I drifted off in sleep, but no, I check and I seem to be awake. But not “here”.
The surroundings seem “fuzzy” and the place that I have been “imagining” was far away seems close.
For some time I seem to be more in this "altered” space than in the 3D life.
I try to carry on as normal but conversations feel far away.
It seems difficult to concentrate on what is being said.

Conversations seem to be difficult and often, it is hard to understand what is being said.
I wonder if I am hearing English as it seems that
I am hearing a foreign language which I must then translate.
Going through this process takes time and I often give up. I end up nodding my head instead.
People have no clue that I can't understand what is being said,
instead get upset that I can't translate what I am hearing.
I am upset that I can't understand what they are saying.
The translation seems impossible.

Something has shifted.
Last month was a house of pain, frustration, and endless endlessness.
Now, it seems that art has regained its place, and yet it seems to be different,
while remaining still somehow truly my own expression.

I step off into worlds that show how the 3D world is just one reality of many.
I can see other realities, other worlds, and other experiences that are just as “real”.
All the while, I am aware and can “see” the 3D world that is "over there”
(I am at once part of the 3D reality, and not part of it at the same time).

I drift around watching the movies of the different worlds and galaxies
yet none of them are really “solid”. Interesting that while I am aware of my body,
(with all its seeming issues), it is only in a vague awareness (that really does not
mean anything in whatever reality I am focused on).

Instead, I am a body of Light. No pains, no problems, nothing but beautiful energy.

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