Spiritual Roots of Disease by Ren .....

recent stomach bug has me thinking...

Date:   5/24/2018 7:19:34 AM ( 5 y ago)

Seeking a shamanic understanding of my recent gastric illness. It's probably giardia.

Today I will purchase the wormwood kit and carpet bomb my body with herbs lol

Yesterday was pure joy. I was able to ride my bike downtown to the church to light a candle for Santa Muerte, then to the library, and finally to community exercises.

Maybe I will attempt to communicate with my parasites and find out why they are here lol...as my spiritual teacher says, every disease has a spiritual root.

I do need to clean my home. It is in a state of disorder, and also filth. Yesterday I began with my room, throwing out and organizing. I am using the Kon_Mari book, thinking about things that give me joy. My exercise clothes definately give me joy. A stomach bug doesn't give me joy but it has forced me to rest and ignore the house and whine to my husband. Maybe that's it lol

I also have lingering resentment about not having children. I feel everything in my stomach too...


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