A Tale from Long Ago... by lfire .....

A Story from long ago...

Date:   6/29/2018 8:54:46 PM ( 4 y ago)

Art by LFIRE(c)2018

This is a tale of long, long ago and far, far away.
I am just the story teller and it is up to you to believe the story or not.

Once upon a time there was a planet up in the sky.
It was merrily drifting along, and the people on it were content.
However, there came a time the planet had a big problem.
The planet's air was lacking an essential element...gold.
So they sent scouting parties out to the nearby planets
to find a good place to mine for gold.
They found a great place which they called Earth.

On Earth, they set about mining gold.
As more people came,
they built wonderful buildings as a thriving civilization.
But the people were not happy.
They hated to toil in the mines all day.
They thought that the solution would be to have some kind of worker
that would be willing to obey orders and willingly work long hard hours.
So they tried many many different combinations.
Many strange creatures were formed.
Finally, they decided to use some of their own DNA.
This experiment seemed to work.

They decided to limit this new creature's brain capacity and other capabilities
so they would be willing workers and not revolt over their lot in life.
The new beings were also given a large dose
of combativeness so that they would love to fight.
That way they would be so busy fighting
that they would never question their makers.
So the new workers were made and, indeed, were made after the maker's image.

So it was, the workers toiled in the mines all day and loved to fight.
Over time, these workers who were now called humans,
fought and subdued other humans, and made them the workers,
and so it went.

The story has no ending, it is ever evolving.

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