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Surrounded by fire, I've been having more insights and revelations in this difficult month

Date:   8/30/2018 7:28:37 PM ( 4 y ago)

Art by LFIRE(c)2018

I was asked for a more complete version of the experience I had in the hospital after I had the stroke last December. It seems I had given a really superficial version. So here goes:

I was in the hospital bed; the nurses were busy hooking up equipment. I was really cold. I asked for more blankets, but still felt cold after I received more. After awhile, the nurses completed their tasks and I was left alone. I felt "funny". Then I started to feel a point of heat at the bottom of my spine; it began to move slowly up my spine, upward to over my head.

Suddenly, I was in a strange place. It seemed like I was in a large hallway with doors everywhere. I could see some of the doors slightly open. I walked along the hallway and I could see inside and was shown the contents of each lifetime. Featured lifetimes were shown. There were endless doors. There were so many lifetimes, with all different kinds of experiences. Then it came to this lifetime. I saw a review of this life. I was sad with so many regrets.
Then I saw a sun which I took to mean a new day, or a new start.

Then I was shown things regarding the future in the lives of those close to me. Then I was shown the future of the country and the world.
It seemed that what I was being shown was not in the distance, but in the near time to come. Then, suddenly , a beautiful white glowing light appeared. It was in me. It was all around me. It was now a warm, golden light...BEAUTIFUL!!!
I did not want it to ever stop. wonderful!!!

Then suddenly I was back in the hospital bed, amazed at all that happened.

Over the years I have dabbled in the study of the Runes.
They sneak up on me for no apparent reason. Lately, they showed up again. I had been seeing what I thought was one of the runes when I was thinking about my art. It showed up enough that I decided to check in a book I have on Runes. Not there. There was one similar, but not it.

Just then.... [!!!!! ] I got an email from Wise Woman who teaches Runes. So I asked her. She said to meditate on it and see what I get. It may be part of the Jothar.* So I meditated on it and got that it was a Rune that was a million years old and came to me because I am in need of it now and others needed it as well. I was given its name and its function. I later did an art piece on it and sent it to the Wise Woman who helped me.
It is called NUUDAZ (New days).
New beginnings.
Encompassing the spectrum of light.
Starting over...anew.
New being, new thinking, new evolvement, new revelations.
Considering the recent stroke, I thought this was right on time!

This has been a very challenging month.
I seem steeped in mental confusion; I feel at a loss.
The mind turning over and over the things I want to do, or at least I think I want to do.
But always immediately the thought interferes with why it is impossible, why I can't do them.

Just to add to the fun, I had a long lasting intestinal "virus"; it did not want to quit. After three weeks of it, a friend recommended something from their chiropractor. It did help but the virus raged on. At last I tried a clearing remedy I just learned. The next day, I felt better.
I bet I will be using that clearing method for other stuff as well!

This has been a fire month. We had the worst fires in California history. The day the Redding fire started, we could see the fire glow and a large amount of smoke; it just kept getting worse.
Later another fire to the south of us became even larger.
We were surrounded by fires!

*Jothar: an ancient writing utilizing symbols handed down from the Land of the Giants, predating Odin.

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