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First Messages for the New Year 2019

Date:   1/30/2019 4:14:37 AM ( 3 y ago)

"Study in Black and White" by LFIRE(c)2019, 18" X 20"
Interesting facts...the Bargello design (needlepoint embroidery) is from the 17th century often used in upholstery

A Story

It is up to you to believe it or not:

Once a long ago time,
which is also now,
there exists a galaxy of a highly spiritual
and evolved Beings.

It was a time when the Earth was new and the people there
were lost in their knowledge of the ways of Spirit.
The people cried out for help in their quest.
The Beings of this other galaxy saw this quandary
and wondered what they could do to help the people of Earth.
After some time, it was decided that they would send
one of their highly evolved teachers to Earth
and teach them the Mysteries they needed to learn.

So the teacher went to Earth.
The problem was that the people of Earth did not recognize this evolved teacher.
In fact they thought that this was only a pesky noisy intruder
who sometimes made their lives miserable.
They did not honor the teacher at all.

Time passed, and there were some Earth people who began to understand the teacher;
they would listen to the teachings, sing the songs and praise the teacher.
But most ignored the teacher.

Even more time passed, and more people started to listen to the teacher.
More people honored and praised the teacher.
The people started to learn the songs, the language, and ways to honor the teacher.
There were those who were able to talk directly with the teacher
and who could teach the knowledge learned.

When you learn who the teacher is,
you may initially discount the importance of the teacher
and the importance of the teaching.
Know that this is an important teaching and to gain this knowledge
will greatly excel your Spirit life.

Learn the WAY OF THE CROW.

Interesting messages and dreams continue. I'm experiencing more "awake dreams" that often are a puzzle to me. The stroke effects are lingering and make it hard to write, do art, and sometimes have coherent thoughts. My fingers are very stiff and hurt to move. It seems harder and harder to walk with crutches and it seems I to need to use a wheelchair more often. This worries me a lot. Yet, I seem to be prolific with my creativity through it all.
Ideas swim endlessly through my head and I sketch as best as I can in my sketch book.

I've been reviewing Way of the Crow which I studied many years ago, but it seemed important to bring it back into my awareness now. More shamanic (crow) songs are coming forth with my shamanic drum that I was experimenting with awhile back.
I'm not sure where this will lead me.

After I had written the story about the crow,
I was sitting in that "awake/sleep" state.
I had had some interesting awake dream
things happen with my drum last year.
Just interesting, but it didn't seem to go anywhere.
Here it is again!
Then I was hearing my shamanic drum playing.
Then another drum. Occasional bells joined in.
I was singing a nonverbal song;
it seemed that this was a meditation type song. It was called "Crow Song."
Later I looked online to see if I could find the drum I saw in my awake dream.
I did find it; it is a darbuka. I have now ordered it.
Guess we will see what comes next.


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