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The intention required to perceive beyond conditioned limitations requires courage to cross a threshold of fear/s that under-lies conditioning.

Date:   5/18/2019 2:35:55 AM ( 3 y ago)

May 17, 2019 -

The above headlined subject has become more pronounced in this writer's awareness over the most recent days and the following quote from Omraam is intended to be the start of more references to this topic.

The "... rarely understood and appreciated virtue: humility – the awareness that there exists a superior world and the will to be in harmony with the entities that inhabit it: the angels, archangels, and so on, up to God ... is why it can be said that humility is a form of intelligence. By casting their gaze upwards, a humble person discovers the infinity of heaven and feels drawn to it, absorbed by it. By simply changing the direction of their gaze, they enter into immensity."[1]

Comment: To perceive super-sensibly requires a growing intention to see beyond the limits of a collectively acceptable 3D "reality" (based upon five-sense perception). Possibly the greatest detriment of the individual's primary conditioning is the limitations that have been repeatedly implanted within the developing psyche that effectively deny "the awareness that there exists a superior world." The intention that is required to perceive beyond the conditioned limitations also requires courage to cross a threshold of the fear/s that under-lied the conditioning process.





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