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What are Artificial Limb Prostheses?

Have you ever met anybody who has an artificial limb? Chances are you have—without even knowing it. Modern prostheses as artificial limbs are properly known work so effectively and look so convincing that you wouldn't even know someone was wearing one. The prosthesis is an artificially made substitute for a limb lost through a congenital defect (present at birth), accident, illness, or wartime injury. You may assume they're boring or mundane; however prosthetic limbs are a few of the world's truly exquisite inventions: by boosting independence they boost optimism and both these things dramatically improve people's lives. Let's take a closer look at how these 

What are the methods for Artificial Limb Prostheses attachment?

Despite dramatic advances in the technology of artificial limbs, the method of fitting them to the body has remained essentially unchanged for hundreds of years.

Direct bone attachment or osseointegration- In this method, a metal implant made of titanium is inserted into the core of the bone through the skin and then the prosthesis is attached to this metal implant. This enables better muscle control with the device. 

Socket- This is a portion of the device that is fixed with the patient’s stump. It is very essential for the socket to be well-fitted because the socket forces are radiated from the device to the patient’s body. 

Pylon - This is the fundamental frame made of metal rods that provide structural support to the device. They are mostly made of carbon-fiber composites. 

Suspension - The suspension keeps the prosthetic limb attached to the body. There are different types of suspension like a harness system, straps, belts or sleeves, used to attach the prosthetic tool. Another most commonly used way of suspension mechanism is suction in which, the prosthetic limb is fitted onto the residual limb with an airtight seal that keeps it in place.


Why prefer India for Artificial Limb Prostheses Surgery?

India is a destination spot for all kinds of surgical procedures right from traditional to minimum invasive. Indian synthetic limb prostheses products are reliable, cost-effective &technically superior guided by people who are specialists in technology& clinical aid. Clinical facilities and laboratories comprise contemporary modern computerized equipment to carry out diagnostics & surgeries. There are many premia, authorized & extremely specialty hospitals with state of the art infrastructure. Ordinary surgical procedure with post-operative care costs is quite affordable in India. The hospitals have hired some of the topmost plastic surgeons of India who hold vast experience in the field and offer cost of artificial limb prosthesis surgery India. The biggest advantage offered is low-cost artificial limb prosthesis surgery in India. Cost of artificial limb prosthesis surgery India is extremely low. Similarly, the technology incorporates the modern innovations of medical science like robotics to improve mobility and enhance the functioning of the lost limb.

How do things function at Forerunners Healthcare Consultants?

Forerunners healthcare consultant is renowned as being the leading medical tourism provider in the world. With a large network of world-class specialty hospitals and global-standard healthcare facilities connected to it, forerunners healthcare consultant offers extensive choice to patients for selecting the doctor, hospital, and country for getting successful and affordable. After receiving your enquiry we will look for a hospital which would best suit your needs. As soon as found, we send you distinctive information about the procedure including; approximate duration, price of the treatment and other information necessary for a stress-free trip. If you accept our offer and choose us to organize your treatment we will ask you to send us detailed medical reports about your health condition which we forward to the hospital where you´ll be treated. Once you arrive as a medical traveler to India, the concerned provider will assign an  EX EC utive, who takes care of your treatment and accommodation.


We welcome queries from our Indian as well as foreign clients and look forward to serving them in our best possible way. Email Us: enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com for further information, or call us on +91-9371136499.


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