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The Beginning of a Quintessential Immersion Into Cheeta!

Date:   8/23/2019 11:00:22 AM ( 3 y ago)

August 23, 2019 - Now n the 11th House: "The House of Choosing Seeds."

Moments ago (now 3:33 AM) this Blog-writer identified his first seed to plant for his next "harvest cycle." This occurred while writing the following at "Introduction To Cheeta!"[1]

Continuing with "Creating a Little Sacred Space." -

Now re-impressed with the realization that "Dyads are one way that any individual can create 'a little Sacred Space' with another individual." Impressed that this is a quintessential source for "Cultivat[ing) Healing Environments." This "quintessence" can evolve further toward manifesting the Cheeta vision with a complimentary "Enlighten Thru Arts" component. A couple days ago this Chef-doctor suggested to one of his clients to "explore new language, new ways of expressing yourself." Moments earlier he read "the binding ties created by a cultus-based community"[16] that can occur with a consciousness enhanced shared language. A day or so before he identified the "Secret Language of Destiny's Way" regarding the current Lunar Node transit that included the following description:

'Ideally, they also begin to explore their creativity, possibly beginning to write, paint, sculpt, create music, or experiment with photography, thus joining their conscious and unconscious realms by giving birth to new ideas. They become the midwives of their own and others’ artistic expression.'

This is a 'seed vision' in this moment and it is in perfect right timing as this blog-writer is now in his 11th House of 'Choosing Seeds.' This is one of the seeds he now chooses to plant!"

To clarify the "seed": Over the coming year sessions with Chef Jemichel will include a quintessential immersion into Cheeta. These immersions will include the latest evolution of dyads followed with "an 'Enlighten Thru Arts' component" in a media of one's choosing.


[1] https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2417869


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