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Dr Ravi Mohanka is the Chief Surgeon and Head of Department of Liver Transplant and Hepato-Biliary Surgery at Global Hospitals, Mumbai. He specializes in Living and deceased donor liver transplants, Liver resections etc. This page provides information regarding one of the best liver transplant surgeons at a very affordable price.

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Your liver performs number of functions every day to help detoxify your blood, useful resource in digestion and absorb nutrients. While liver disease — along with persistent liver failure, liver most cancers, and cirrhosis or hepatitis c— damage the liver, a liver transplant will be a treatment choice. A liver transplant is a complex procedure. It involves replacing a damaged lobe (part) of your liver or your entire liver with one from a donor.

Options for liver transplantation in India

Who can benefit from liver transplant?

People suffering from advanced cirrhosis or certain liver cancers (hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, colorectal liver metastases or bile duct tumors) may benefit from a transplant. Cirrhosis, or liver failure, occurs when the liver can no longer perform its normal functions of processing and detoxifying all ingested foods, drugs, alcohol and chemicals.

Liver Transplant in India- A perfect destination for International patients

Liver transplants in India cost only a fraction of what they do in the US. The country offers the most superior facilities and treatment options, the surgery costs are substantially reduced and the surgery costs everywhere between us $50, 000 – $60, 000. Also, there is virtually no waiting time. Leading surgeons perform liver transplants at the world renowned hospitals that are well equipped and technologically superior. The doctors are quite certified and much experienced, as is the staff. Additionally, with regards to liver transplants, India has many successes to its credit score, including of liver transplant surgical operation in India for the youngest baby and the primary combined liver-kidney transplant in India.

For international patients, only option is living donor liver transplants, which means they have to bring a healthy donor with them when they come to India for a transplant.

Dr Ravi Mohanka provides expert care for liver transplants in India

Dr. Ravi Mohanka is the chief doctor and head of branch of liver transplant and hepato-biliary surgery at Global hospitals, Mumbai. He has trained and worked at some of the most reputed hospitals in India and USA. He serves as your expert guides and support people from your initial evaluation through surgery and beyond. He is among the most experienced in India, providing the highest-quality; most advanced care possible with liver transplant success rates above the Indian expected average. He’s keen to advance the technological of transplantation via simple research and regenerative medicine. Best liver transplant surgeon India strives to use cutting edge technology to enable affordable world-class transplantation facilities available to patients in India with end-stage organ failure. Dr. Ravi Mohanka has and published more than 35 articles in international journals and 5 book chapters.

Get an appointment with Dr. Ravi Mohanka instantly

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