Nature Soothes by Karlin .....

Being out in nature for several days at a time really does feel good, mentally and physically.

Date:   9/15/2019 10:21:14 PM ( 28 mon ago)

I recently spend a full week 'out there' in nature. It wasn't wilderness, but it was nature. We arrivwed, shut the car off, and never hear a machine or computer etc for a whole week

    The swelling in my lower legs went down, and by day 3 there was no swelling.

     The daily killer headaches I have been having all summer were gone, - I had only two mild headaches all week.when camping!!

      Lower back pain, sciatica, and gut bloat are common ailments for me, but they were gone or mild out camping.

    The studies from Finland, where they measured bodily functions of particpants who would go from city to forest - a significant change for the better was notied for more of them,

   We feel better in the forest than in the city. Its true!!


  and then, within one day of being home my lower legs swelled up again. My activity level and diet etc were about the same when camping as at home, so I don't know why the leg swelling happens more at home than in the forest, but it seems to be true.


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