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In this earthly life you are the only one who can decide where you will spend Eternity! Therefore choose wisely and do not be sidetracked by the " Pop culture " and/or other superfluous things of the world!

Date:   7/23/2021 5:58:37 PM ( 3 mon ago)

How do people deal with difficult situations?

There have been times in my life where there seemed to be many pressing issues before me.
Most times very few people came to know this quandary or problem existed!

Seek the Grace of God to help direct your path! Grace is enrichment, ennoblement, an Divine Favor! It is God doing something for us or helping us when we do not deserve it! Grace is the Free Will Gift of God, for those who playfully seek it!

We can only receive His Grace by thru Faith in the Word of God! Faith is like a plug in power cable to the unlimited power of the Almighty! All we must do is to seek and learn to use it thru prayer and supplications!

Are you plugged in to God's power source dear friend?

This a personal choice on your part, so what are you waiting for now?

Without Faith it is impossible to please God!


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