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Why do anything less?

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Learn to recognize the Problems!

** In order to be successful you must really learn how to think!

Date: 8/15/2020
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While in the Navy, just after returning from the Med - Mideast deployment - when we got back to Charleston - I was forward plotting FTG PO, running the Monthly monthly checks on our Make 56 Fire Control System, it showed some questionable problems in the system Director! (Which is where the Radar and Fire control Officer and a technician were posted during firing of the 5 inch 54 auto feed cannon was controlled!

So using the monthly check and verify computer system following the principle of elimination - the problem was traced up on the 56 Director and where I found that the discovered that the slip rings in the lower section were corroded!

Back while we were in the Med we had xfered our lead E-6 FTG - PO off while in the Mediterranean some months earlier - and only had a E- 5 lead PO! So as a junior E-4 PO, they did not seem to want to believe me back in Main Plotting! So I just said OK, just wait until the Fleet Evaluation team stops aboard for a system evaluation!

Within a week they were all over it - then ask why I did was not aware of the slip rings corrosion?

My reply was I had troubleshoot and investigated finding the Corroded Slip rings - Then I informed the lead PO back in main battery Plotting! But they ignored it since as I was just a boot E4.

But then once the problem was known, got the attention of the Offices and repairs were implemented to correct the problem.

But What did I really know?

This was a learning experience, by troubleshooting successfully while in the Navy, aboard the USS Manley DD 940 1964!

The lesson learned was always do your regular system checks and take note of any irregularity or problems!
This is the same practice I used later in life in life! When you do your best some times people will not always recognize it! Still perform whatever is your absolute best anyway!

Why do anything less?

This served me well in later life when approaching technical problems or complex problems then being able to find successful results!

Always do your best!


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