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Stress is the body's natural response to a threat or a psychological or physical danger. A stress response can also occur during a challenge.

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Stress is the body's natural response to a threat or a psychological or physical danger. A stress response can also occur during a challenge. Stress isn’t all bad, since it also functions as a protection mechanism and can trigger a flight or fight response. It is chronic stress that can negatively affect your health and should be managed or avoided. Studies have shown a correlation between chronic stress and coronary heart disease. To reduce stress in your life, you need to reduce the factors that cause it. Here are some ways you can remove some of the most common stress-producing events from your life.

Carry Adequate Insurance

Advertising aside, there truly is a piece of mind that comes from knowing you are adequately covered against unforeseen events. This can be homeowners’ insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and car insurance. It’s easier than ever today to purchase insurance online. You can compare rates across several companies for almost any product. Certain insurance, such as health insurance can be quite complicated and may take some time to compare. Look to obtain online health insurance quotes from the comfort of your home.

Wake Up Early

Set your alarm, get up, and start your day. Give yourself time to make a healthy breakfast, take out the dog, make the beds, or whatever you consider important. If you get up early and knock off the simple things, the rest of your day will go easier as you won’t be stressed, wishing you took care of the tasks.

Take Care of Business

When you neglect to open the mail and handle your obligations, stress mounts and tends to haunt you. Automate recurring payments to have them come directly out of your bank. You can also automatic a savings plan. It’s scary when you don’t have enough to pay your bills, but you need to open the envelopes. Make a list, contact those companies that can’t be paid in full and try to make an arrangement. Finances are a large contributor to stress, do what you can to get yours in order. Some non-profits offer free or low-cost debt counseling.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is important to every aspect of your life. If you are tired, things tend to really affect you. You can become irritable or make bad decisions. Both of those things will cause a stress reaction in your body. Work on getting a good amount of sleep.

Plan for Your Retirement

Start early and put away money for your retirement. If your employer offers a retirement program, that is the easiest way to contribute. Set an amount or a percentage to come out of your paycheck every payday. Even if it’s small, over time you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve accumulated. Some employers offer matching funds, that’s like a raise and you should take advantage of that and invest to the maximum amount you can.

Learn to Say No

It seems every club, school, and organization needs help. When you take on too many things, stress begins to rise in your body. Focus on the activities and things that are important to you. Do the things in your life that need doing first and then decide if there is room for something else. Learn to say no to the things that you really don’t have time or interest in.

Take Advantage of Technology

Wire your home for security or make it a smart home. You can answer your door from across the country or change the thermostat from your phone. If needed, you can even track where your teenagers are.


Reducing stress is all about gaining peace of mind. Examine your routine and use some of these ways to reduce the things in your life that cause you some form of angst. Stress is natural and it is your body's way of handling certain situations as it does give you additional energy. It is prolonged stress that is a problem.


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