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This article will help you understand how to choose a topic for a blog article

Date:   10/26/2021 9:05:19 AM ( 7 mon ago)

No matter how many blogs you've created or the length of the list of interesting topics you've prepared for yourself, when you've been blogging for a while, the drought always sets in, you run out of ideas to write about.

When you define the tactic of using a blog to work on content marketing in your online communication plan, you usually prepare a list of possible topics to cover, those that you think will be useful to your potential customers, and about which you will write some articles or series.

Well, if you are here and you have arrived through Google, it is probably because you have run out of ideas and you can't think of anything original to write about. Also, more information you can find at

I'm going to give you eight tricks to identify new topics for your blog articles.

1. Mistakes you have made in your professional activity

There's nothing we like more than to see how someone screws up, as long as it doesn't splash us, of course. The idea is to transmit how you have assimilated an interesting idea based on a mistake made. We all know that this is the best way to learn and we can be sure that it won't happen again. Surely you can identify some interesting, funny, or curious blunders.

2. Fashion movies

I love this one. Choose a well-known movie and relate part of its theme, content, moral, characters, whatever, with your professional activity to go pulling the thread. If the movie is very geeky, you can get a very viral blog article.

3. An interview with someone relevant

Look for a person who has something to say about the usual topics of your blog and offer him/her the possibility of doing an interview. It's as simple as asking permission and sending them a questionnaire (be careful because you won't have the chance to ask questions again unless you leave open the possibility of asking them some more questions afterward). If the character is worth it, it can bring you a lot of new traffic to your blog.

4. Talk about your dreams and projects

We have already said before that we like to enjoy the mistakes of others, but almost as much as that, we love to read about your illusions. Tell your followers what your next projects are, how you see yourself in a few years or how far you would like to go. Whether you make it or not, you'll have a good topic for a new post when the deadline has passed.

5. Recommendations

A list of movies, books, posts, or blogs always has a tremendous hook. The two most successful posts on the blog of my consulting firm, 3yMedia, are one about where to get free images for your blog and the other about the must-read blogs on online marketing.

Recommendations work very well as long as you have earned some respect and can demonstrate a minimum of criteria. Combined with the power of lists, they are a winning horse.

Like this one you are reading, lists work very well because they read very fast, almost diagonally, and get to the point.

6. Reviews of paid products or services

There is a larger or smaller group of users investigating whether it is worth paying for anything that requires payment. Those people could end up on your website if you evaluate your experience with that product or service in a post on your blog.

Do the test, search for "is it worth paying for * " and replace the * with any freemium app, for example. If it is an app that your potential customers would use, your blog may traffic.

7. Case studies

If you have a drought and have clients, you can turn each job into a case study to tell in the blog. Tell what the client asked you to do and how you pulled it off, emphasizing the most relevant parts of the assignment. Demonstrating in a post how you solved some problems can be very useful.

8. Bring up issues from your clients' doubts

Nothing has provided me with more topics for my blog than the questions my students have asked me in class. As soon as they are repeated a couple of times, I usually note them to develop a post about that question.

In the beginning, I did it to offer them a complete answer that they could consult on demand and without having to repeat the same thing several times. Then I realized that some questions are repeated cyclically and many times. This is traffic that I don't intend to waste.

They are generally simple things that we usually take for granted, but it doesn't hurt to refresh from time to time.

I hope these eight tips on how to get inspired to find content for your blog are useful to you and that you have had a spark of an idea while reading them.


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