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... "the tyranny of the majority". (IMO) This is a phrase that now can apply to the present practice of "democracy" (so called majority rule) that never was intended as an American form of self-government ("of the people, by the people and for the people). The "meme" of democracy seems to have appeared after the "war between the states" (and most especially against the dejure Organic states). The American people were promised "Reconstruction" of their own Republican form of government (as both the foundation and first cornerstone of Lawful Government) however, "Reconstruction" did not restore self-government to the people. This other form called democracy came in and was taught in the government schools and consequently the people have been without their unified collective Power ever since! Worst part of this is that the people don't realize what exactly they are missing! It is beyond the people's memory. Amen to: "speaking truth to power"!


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