People tend to spend great deals of time wasted or lost! by kerminator .....

Each person ever created spend whatever amount of their time, either lost or confused! Myself included! But why and how can we amend this error of our life!

Date:   5/20/2022 4:02:38 PM ( 80 d ago)

No matter who you are or what you are doing; there is a certain amount of your efforts spent wasted or lost!

Efficiency is the loose key to being better prepared for you total life existence!

1) Stop and take a mental evaluation into your past actives and then plan for a better way forward!

2) Since much of this effort is required in your basic day to day existence - so stop and review your method of operation!:
Seeking the 5 most important elements to consider!
the how,
the why,
the reason ,
the when, and
the concerned effort!

3) Then learning to apply the proper method of application and a plan to carry it out!


** If you can not move forward in your quest here = then you need a improved plan which can work for you!
Don't get lost in your own uncontrolled thoughts and lose your drive and forward movement!

** Read some of my past posts which can lead you in the right direction and the help you need to gain your composer and direction!

With the proper direction you plans will be corrupted!


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