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"You cannot improve your life by pushing against what you do not want."

Date:   6/10/2005 4:58:07 PM ( 18 y ago)

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These are truly gatherings that we see as co-creating at its very best. We often notice one of you beginning with a train of thought and as others listen in and add their Energy, their questions, their life experience, even mentally -- silently -- to the question, the question expands far beyond what the one could speak. The wanting that all of you have been gathering, even before you ever knew of Abraham, that wanting becomes part of the Stream of Attraction. So you reach into a Stream of Non-physical, Infinite knowing and you attract, into this sort of vortex of articulation, a knowing that goes beyond that which has been before -- and that is what physical experience is about.

Physical experience is a format where you focus pointedly, and through your pointed focus, you attract to this time and place. As you vibrationally are, you vibrationally receive unto you.

The power of a gathering such as this is that you inspire the best from each other. Collectively, you become more than you usually do individually. And we say that to you not because we are wanting to encourage you to join together in groups but because we want you to feel the poignancy of your physical experience. We want you to recognize the enormous value that you as one person has to you as one person has to you as one person.

The amazing and wonderful diversity
that you hold upon your planet
is truly the power of your attraction.
If you did not have your differences to bump up against,
you would not have the clarity with which to attract.
Physical beings so often defeat that great value, because as they singularly view what is outside of them, they tend to push against much of what is outside of them -- so they miss the value of the collective power. That pushing against something is what we call resistance -- and resistance is the only thing that keeps you from the Stream of Well-being that is natural to you.

There is one constant steady Stream of pure positive Energy flowing to you at all times, and in any moment, you, as an individual, are allowing or resisting that Stream. When you're allowing the Stream, you feel wonderful, you feel clarity, you feel vitality, you feel health, you feel abundance. You feel good. But if you are not allowing the Stream, you don't feel so good. That's what blame or doubt or fear is about.

These three things are always true of resistance: Resistance is the only thing that keeps you from your natural Well-being. Negative emotion is always present as your indicator of resistance. And resistance always, always, always means you are pushing against something.

Resistance, is using the contrast to decide what you don't want.
Allowing, is using the contrast to decide what you do want.
You came forth into this sea of diversity, this sea of contrast, but you did not intend to make that contrast resistance. Contrast is seeing all the stuff to choose from -- sort of like a breakfast buffet -- and choosing from it what you want. That's saying, "Ah, I don't like that. Don't like that. Ooh, I like this. This is better. Ah, this is what I am wanting." That is benefiting from contrast.

Resistance, is saying, "Oh, I see all of this stuff. I'd like to have that. But I don't want that. I don't want that. I don't want that."

Most physical beings are oriented to push against what they don't want because somehow you got some idea that that stuff has the ability to assert itself into your experience. And so, most of you believe that if you don't get real strong and real capable of holding bad things away, that they'll slip in and get you. So you've gotten very, very good at developing a resistant stance, believing -- wrongly -- that, in your resistance, you will keep it away, never dreaming that, in your resistance, the only thing you manage to hold away is your own Stream of Well-being.

A man said to us, "Abraham, I have cancer and they tell me I have only a few weeks, maybe a few days, to live. But I'm going to beat it." And we said, "Well, you see, you cannot. As long as it is the object of your attention, as long as you are looking at cancer and saying, `I'm going to beat it,' you are achieving a stance of resistance. You are achieving vibrational harmony with the cancer -- and, therefore, you are resisting the Stream." We said, "Envision a stick -- two ends of the stick. On one end is cancer and on the other end is the Stream of Well-being. When you focus on the cancer, you are disallowing the Stream of Well-being." We said to him, "You have to get your eye on the Energy Stream. Never mind about the stuff you are trying to hold away, focus upon the stuff you want there, because the cancer is the absence of the Stream. Don't call it cancer, anymore. Call it what it is: -- absence of the Stream. Call a new friend, `Hi... I have absence of the Stream.' `Well, what do you mean by that?' your friend says. `Well, I've been vibrationally disallowing my Stream of Well-being.' Your friend would say, `Why do you do that?' And you would say, `I don't know. I don't mean to. I just have habits of pushing against, that I've learned from others, who have learned it from others, and now I'm focusing on the Stream."

When you first came forth, no one said to you, "There's this Stream of pure positive Energy and it flows forth to you at all times and you can feel it and it feels good, and if you ever feel less than good, that means you are not vibrating with that Stream. So feel around for thoughts that feel better, and you'll find them easily, and once you do that -- all is well again. And if you will do that, you will live happily ever after."

They didn't say that to you. Instead they said, "There are good things and bad things, and we must embrace the good things and we must hold the bad things away." They literally taught you to say, "This is good, this is bad, this is good, this is bad." And you all got really carried away with the "This is bad" part. "I don't want this. I don't want this..." Remember, the Law of Attraction and the Stream of Well-being is abundant. It is outrageously disproportionate to the lack of Well-being. The Well-being is dominant.

We have noticed that when you talk about issues, when you talk about whether something's right or wrong, or whether it's wanted or not wanted -- very often, even though you and every body else on the planet would agree with you as you are having your conversation, that you're right by all physical standards -- you are still in a vibration of resistance to your own Stream. And so, we keep looking for ways of helping you feel your Stream rather than fall into the same old intellectual knee-jerk habitual thought patterns. There are thoughts that feel perfectly normal to you that are full of resistance, and you keep getting entrapped in them, because they feel so normal, because you and everybody else has been thinking them for so long. Thoughts like, the economy is struggling, or thoughts like, there isn't enough to go around, or thoughts like, you have to work hard to succeed, or thoughts like, I'm inappropriate in some way or I am not capable in some way, or thoughts like, I shouldn't do that. There are all kinds of thoughts that you wrestle with that are vibrationally not in harmony with your broader knowing. And so, we are going to expose some of those to help you feel a new powerful guidance coming forth within you.

Imagine that your Source Energy, your Inner Being, your God Force, your God Self, your Soul -- whatever you want to call that Non-physical part of you -- is projecting to you at all times a strong, clear, beautiful musical note, and you can hear it in the background all the time. When you give your attention to something, whether you are looking right at it, whether you're remembering it, whether you're imagining it, whether you're Scripting it -- whatever you are giving your attention to causes you also to offer a note. So if you are basking or finding value in something -- appreciating something -- in that case, the note that you are offering is in such vibrational harmony with your Inner Note that you can feel the resonance between the two notes.

That's what joy is. That's what appreciation is. That's what love is. It's your resonating with who you really are. But let's say, instead, that you are finding fault -- seeing lack, seeing something you don't want, trying to hold it away, pushing against something. In that case, your note would be so out of harmony with your Inner Note, you would feel the discord of that. That's what negative emotion is.

When you start feeling how your thoughts feel, then you start recognizing when you are allowing and when you're resisting. But as long as you are just thinking thoughts, those old habitual thoughts feel normal even though they're full of resistance. For example, the other day, Jerry and Esther were waiting for their landscaper friend, and he was supposed to be there the day before and didn't come at all, and Esther had many things she wanted to do in the afternoon in her narrow window of opportunity to run and do errands, and Jerry did not want to leave because he did not want to miss this landscaper, and so they didn't leave. And then, the second day, he was supposed to be there first thing in the morning, and it was noon and he was still not there. Esther was irritated, and she said, "This just isn't right. He must not have any idea how busy we are. I wonder if he treats all of his clients like this. I wonder how he stays in business. This is just not right." And Jerry was grinning from across the room as he was watching Esther walking right away from her Note. About then, after she got out there pretty far, Esther felt it, too, and then she said, "Well, I know he means well. Must be quite a trick to keep all those plates spinning all the time. He is running many crews now. He knows what he's doing. The plants are as much his risk as they are ours. I'm sure he's taking care of that. I suppose I should just relax and lighten up and acknowledge that all is well." And now Jerry was really grinning because in less than a minute he watched Esther walk right away from her Note and then right back to it. In other words, because we are making Esther more and more aware of her resonance, because we are letting her know who she really is, when she walks away from who she is, she can't stand it. But before she understood about the resonance, those knee-jerk thoughts, she would be out there believing that she was right, and really, by all physical standards, she was right. Wasn't she? In other words, it is inappropriate to say you are going to be there and not be there, isn't it? She wasn't wrong, was she? She was "right" in her resistance. You see.

The big question is, is this "rightness" worth cutting myself off from Life Force? Because that's what it amounts to. The very Source of life, the Source that keeps my blood pumping, the Source that keeps my cells working, the Source of Well-being, the Source that keeps the planet spinning in its orbit... I've got myself cut off because the gardener did not show up. And we think that if you stop in the midst of any negative emotion and ask yourself, "Is this worth giving up Life Force?" that in every case the answer would be no.

You cannot improve your life by pushing against what you do not want.
Now we know that sometimes things get quite a bit of momentum going, so much so that you can't stop it, or so it seems. Sometimes a nice lobotomy would help, or a bit of unconsciousness, a little slumber or nap, some sort of distraction from whatever terrible treadmill you are upon. But the more you are in conscious connection with your resonating pure positive Energy Source, the less able to tolerate any deviation from it you become, and, therefore, the more aware at the early stages when you are stepping into that sort of situation. G9/10/95 San Francisco


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