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" as discriminating about your thoughts as you are about your music or about the food you eat or about the car you drive."

Date:   6/11/2005 10:12:40 PM ( 18 y ago)

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You Are Creators

You are Creators who have come forth into this physical dimension as extensions of that Nonphysical Energy. And you were very exhilarated about coming forth into this contrasting experience because you knew that out of the contrast you would be able to come to clear decision.

Can you feel the power in the word "decision?" Can you feel the difference between saying, "I want that" or "I would like to have that" and "I have decided?" Can you feel that a decision is a more focusing of the Energy? That is what a Creator is.

Very often, what happens in your physical realm is that as you look around at the contrast and you see what you do not want , it helps you in knowing what you do want. But very often you spend more of your time focused upon what you are not wanting than upon what you are wanting. You seem to believe that if you could somehow push hard enough against what you do not want that it would go away, when, in reality, every moment of attention that you give to it means you are actually, for that moment, choosing it and, therefore, it is a part of your vibration. Your attention to it means you are including it.

A Creator is one who focuses Energy. A Creator is one who uses the contrast to help you decide, but then once you have decided, you give your full attention to that which you have decided.

Whatever it is you are giving your attention to causes you to offer a vibrational output that the Universe is matching. So what happens to most of you is that you are not offering the pure signal that you mean to offer. In other words, you would like to tell the Universe what you are wanting, but most of you are not only telling the Universe what you want but what you don't want. So what your signal is offering or outputting is contradicted. It's not pure.

The Formula Says
The formula for creating anything says, "Identify the desire." That's easy. Contrast helps you do that. And once you've identified the desire, achieve a vibrational match with the desire. And when you do that, as Esther said, "It's a done deal." When you are in vibrational harmony with your own desire so that your output is singular and pure, the Universe must deliver to you that which is your desire. We hear you sometimes say, "Abraham, I want more money. I'm so tired of the struggle." And we say, "That is not a pure vibration." When you say, "I want a new red car," the Universe responds to the vibration of your desire. But then when you say, "But a new red car is too expensive," the Universe responds to that vibration, too. So when the Universe is responding to two contradictory vibrations, you stand right where you are.

You can offer your vibration on purpose. That's what visualization is. That's what imagination is: Projecting thought Energy on purpose.

Most of our physical human friends are not doing much visualizing. Most of you are observing what-is. Now that can be a good thing. It often isn't, however. It sort of depends on what you are observing.

Visionaries Thrive
If you are mostly an observer (and most of you are) you are thriving in good times but suffering in bad times. Because whatever you're observing is reflected in your vibration. So as you observe it, you radiate a vibration that matches it. The Universe accepts that as your point of attraction and gives you more like it which then you observe. So the better it gets the better it gets , or the worse it gets the worse it gets. But if you are a visionary, you thrive in all times. Because as a visionary, you have learned to hold your vibration in the place that matches your desire. Basically you have one function that breaks down into two activities. The two activities are: Line up your Energy. And realign it if it gets out of alignment. That's really all there is to it.

You have this magnificent Guidance System within you that lets you know whether , in any moment , you are a vibrational match to your own desire or not. You can literally feel it. You can tell by the way you feel what the vibration of your being is. When you are feeling elation, when you are feeling joy, when you are feeling appreciation, when you are feeling love... those feelings are indicators that you are in vibrational harmony with your desires and with your Core Energy. But when you feel anger or frustration or blame or guilt or any of those negative emotions, like fear... that means that, in that moment, you have your attention upon something that is not a vibrational match to your Core Energy or to your desire.

If you are running around, and, out of habit, observing, then you're up and down all over the place. But if you pay attention to the way you feel, and you are deliberately choosing thoughts for the very selfish reason that they feel better, then you are in alignment with who you are.

Your emotions are your barometer to let you know about vibration. So as you begin to pay attention to the way you feel, you are then, and only then, able to align your energies with your Core, and with your own, desire.

Pickiness & Thoughts
Imagine that you are going on a road trip and you're going to drive eight or nine hours, and a friend of yours, a teenager, has lovingly loaned you a bag of his cassettes tapes, music tapes, and he has a very wide, diverse interest in music. And so, the first tape you pop into your player in your car is hard metal rock music, and as you hear it twanging, it sets you on edge. You can feel right away that it's not a match to your mood or your taste in music, can't you? Well, would you feel obliged to hear it out? Or would you pop that bugger out of there and reach for something else? You can tell by the way you feel when you've found your musical match, can't you? And all thoughts are that way.

We want you to be as discriminating about your thoughts as you are about your music or about the food you eat or about the car you drive. We see you picky in many areas, and we want you to extend that pickiness to thought. Make a decision that nothing is more important than that you feel good, so that you are more selectively sifting through the data of your memory or the data of your observation.

Have one singular intent, and that is to find a vibration that is worthy of the vibration of your Core. Find something that matches, because when it matches, Well-being must be your experience. It can be no other way.

We encourage you to play with spending 17 seconds on any topic. If you hold any thought, positive or negative, wanted or not wanted, if you hold a thought purely for 17 seconds, that at the 17 second point, another thought just like it joins it. And as these two thoughts coalesce, there is a combustion. And as these two thoughts combust, they are parlayed into one more evolved, faster vibrating thought. And when it happens, you feel it. It feels like heightened interest or enthusiasm. If you hold that, now more evolved, thought for another 17 seconds, then when you cross that 34 second mark, the same thing happens. Another thought like the more evolved thought now joins it, and there's another combustion point. Only this time, it moves much further than it did the first time, because the two thoughts that combined were bigger to begin with. Purely hold a thought for 17 seconds until it combusts and another thought joins it, and the Energy in that combustion is equivalent to 2,000 action hours. If you work a normal 40 hour a week job, that's about what you work in a year. 17 seconds of pure thought, allowing the combustion, gives you that much Energy. Your action is not very important by comparison. Cross the 34 second mark, and you can multiply your action by ten. That's 20,000 action hours. Cross the 51 second mark, and you can multiply by ten again. That's 200,000 action hours. If you can hold a thought, purely, without contradicting it, until you cross the 68 second mark , that's just four times 17 , you can multiply by ten again. That's over 2,000,000 action hour equivalent. We're talking about accessing the Energy that Creates worlds. And the reason that it is not fathomable to most of you is that most of you don't make it past the eight second mark without contradicting your desire.

Contrasting Stick Ends
You have been so trained to weigh the pluses and the minuses, the pros and the cons, that in your learned objectivity, you rarely, if ever, cross the 17 second mark holding any thought that matters. In every particle of the Universe there is that which is wanted and lack of it. And so, when you pick up the stick that has wellness on one end , it has illness on the other end. Do you know it's a really rare one of you that we hear saying the word "wellness" or "health" or "Well-being" that we don't feel in your vibration exactly the opposite? In other words, you're using the word to try to compensate. You don't mean to, but the reason that you do it is because when you were very little and you learned these words, you not only learned the way the word sounded or how to use the word in the sentence or how to make the word with your mouth , you learned the way the word felt from the people around you who were using the word.

Vibrational Vocabulary
When your mother was talking about money, because you wanted some and she was explaining to you that there wasn't enough money...when you overheard them talking about money, you learned the word , and you subliminally learned the vibration of the word.

So now, when you offer the word, money, you often offer a vibration that is not in harmony with your desire but in vibrational harmony with what you once learned.

So then, when you introduce a desire... When you say, "I really want something that costs more money," and your belief about money is not up to speed with your desire, you feel the contradiction. You feel the disappointment. You feel the worry. You feel those negative emotions that are your clear-cut Guidance saying to you, "Hey, you're not, in this moment, in vibrational harmony with your own desire." And that's when your work begins.

Your work is to achieve vibrational harmony with your own desire, and that's why you must begin to play games of visualization.

When you identify and hold your thought, purely, on any topic for 17 seconds, it is enough to set the Universe into motion. And the Universe , which has infinite ability and resources to match the vibration of your being , will do so. Now, it's happening all of the time, anyway, but most of you are not making the correlation. It isn't until you deliberately hold a thought and then see the Universal response to it that you really begin to understand what's going on.

Play these games of visualization for a few days. It will be such fun for you, and if you will do it, it will give you two very important things. First, it will show you that you can hold a thought for 17 seconds. That's a "biggee", bigger than you know. And the other is, it will show you that the Universe will absolutely, every time, respond to the purity of your thought. Very good.

(Excerpted from G-10/17/96 , Syracuse, NY)


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