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"You are a co-creator in the universe and this is your right and your duty. "

Date:   6/9/2005 6:17:01 PM ( 18 y ago)

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The 7 Principles Of Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire
Shannon Maxey

Do you have a dream you want to make come true? I hope you do and I hope you will. You are a co-creator in the universe and this is your right and your duty. At times, though, almost everyone has difficulty continuing to believe in their dreams. Apply these seven principles on a daily basis and you can get through the rough times more easily and come to believe even more strongly in your ability to manifest.


How do you view the world and what is your place in it? As Gary Zukav, author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters and The Seat of the Soul, asks us, “are you a victim or a student?” Is this world (and the universe) an abundant place, full of opportunity or one of lack? Your experience will consistently confirm your beliefs about the world. Believing your desire is possible, that you are deserving of it, and that the universe will help you get it provides a firm foundation for manifesting your dream.


Desire, or passion, is what fuels this process and carries you through any difficulties you may encounter. Continuing a daily focus is easy when your desire comes from your Soul. It’s the Ego’s desire that tends to crumble when faced with a challenge. An Ego desire is often greedy, focused on self-reward, self-gratification and easily effected by sabotage. A Soul desire is focused on loving, evolving and contributing to the best and highest possible good of all concerned.


What is your intention and for when? Writing out a clear intention invites immediate action and focus. The word intention is defined as “the state of mind with which one acts.” Want is defined as "a wish for.” When I write out my intention I always end it “for the best and highest possible good for all concerned.”


In the PBS broadcast of How To Get What You Really Really Really Really Want, Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks about the importance of attention. He refers to our thoughts as the “currency” for manifesting what we want. Where is your attention? Is it on your heart’s desire? Or is it on what others want or expect from you? Or is it on what your current situation is or what you are afraid it will be? To be in the now and put your attention on your desire places your thoughts in harmony with your intention and accelerates the process of manifesting.


Every day the universe will present you with choices. Before you choose, ask yourself, “Will this take me closer to or further from my intention?” Trying to get where you want to go by not going there is never a good tactic. Keep the end in mind even when you have to detour for a while. Even more, remember to honor the journey, not just the results.


Let go and let GOD was something I heard many times and until I experienced it I didn’t believe it. I kept hearing things about boot straps and “GOD helps those who help themselves.” Taking steps daily toward manifesting your desire and RELEASING THE OUTCOME to the universe (or however you view your higher power) disengages the ego allowing the universe to first, do the work for you and second, to create something better for you than you yourself can imagine. Ending an intention with; “This or something better now manifests for me for the best and highest possible good of all concerned” releases the outcome. Your focus then shifts to the process allowing the universe to work it’s magic.


Notice and appreciate what you want more of. Keeping a daily gratitude journal is an effective way to spend time in sincere gratitude. Where you put your attention is what will expand or grow. If you put your attention on how you can’t do something that’s what will expand and grow. As Dr. Dyer says, you can’t get thin by saying "I hate being fat!” What will expand is that you hate being fat. Thoughtfully, purposely place your attention on appreciating all the blessings you are given daily and they will expand.

Blocks can happen anywhere in this process. Working through these blocks is one way we evolve and develop. It’s part of the process, really. You may find removing the blocks changes or evolves your heart's desire. You may find yourself manifesting wonderful experiences you never dared to imagine. Other benefits I’ve seen from this process are the releasing of karma and experiencing forgiveness of others and yourself. Remember that you are part of the natural operation of the universe. Your will and your development are an integral force of nature with the same wonder and beauty as any star, waterfall, or forest. Honor this power by your consistent use of it.


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