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"Living in any dimension is simply a matter of thought. It is the collective thought that produces the frequency band of that dimension. If you want to experience a different dimension you have to uplift your thought into that frequency."

Date:   6/10/2005 4:57:48 PM ( 18 y ago)

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Your Mind Controls Your Reality
Susanna Thorpe-Clark

Dear beings of light, so many of you are still so entrapped by your third dimensional mind-set that we have come to address certain realities that are necessary for you to understand in order for you to free yourselves. Elevating into higher realms of thought may be your aim, but you are still not grasping the simplicity of how this is accomplished.

Living in the 4th dimension is the same as living in the 3rd except for one's level of consciousness, for consciousness is synonymous with the mind and with thought. The differences therefore, between one dimension and another lie only in how the mind perceives those realities to be. The fundamental truth is that your mind is the controller of your outer reality. When you are living with a third dimensional mind-set you see yourself as separate from the environment in which you live. Even if you believe yourself to be a spiritual being, you still see yourself as chained by circumstances outside of your control, which compels you to reside in this dimension until you can some how free yourself from this. What you have failed to understand is that it is only your own thoughts which are controlling and holding you in this third dimension.

We give you some examples. Today, for instance, many of you are focusing your attention on the wars and violence which are taking place in many parts of your world. Others are focusing their attention on the nefarious activities of your governments. Millions of children the world over, are sitting in front of computer or television screens focusing their attention on scenes of violence, hatred, fear and aggression. Teenagers are plugged into loud and disorientating music, or are experimenting with drugs and alcohol all of which is done to relieve their boredom. Everywhere people are addicted to violence, to distraction and to disharmony on all levels. You crave to be thrilled and have excitement. You crave to be entertained. You crave drama and to be blitzed out of your reality in one way or another. But who is creating this reality? You are! All of you.

Every time you open a newspaper and read about violence you are adding energy to those negative events because you are thinking about them. Every time you turn on the news to hear what's going on in your world, you are adding your energy to those negative situations in the same way. Every time you surf the internet to read about conspiracies you are adding your energy to these negative activities. This is because whatever you focus your mind upon and think about is manifested into your reality. Your thoughts join all the other thoughts that are of like-mind and the more of you that are thinking and focusing on the same things, then of course those are going to be created right in front of you. And the thought forms or mind-set to which you are contributing are fear, aggression, distrust, enmity and hatred. Have we shocked you?

Even though you think that you are concentrating on these issues in order to focus love and peace upon them, it doesn't work. The overriding energies are concerned with violence. Any thoughts of love simply go into the melting pot and are mostly eaten up by the stronger negative energies which are already circulating because those are the dominant energies at this time. There are not yet enough of you to permanently change this status quo in this way. So, a different approach is required if you really want to lift yourselves and your fellow beings into a more benign environment.

Currently, a minute percentage of the six billion people who reside on Earth have managed to break their addiction to violent thought. These people are currently walking through the door into the 4th dimension because they have been able to change what they think about. They have accepted responsibility for how they think by making an active choice to change their focus of attention. But in order to do this they have had to move away from the centre of your big cities and leave their jobs and businesses so as not to be distracted. They have also had to distance themselves from friends and even family members. They have stopped reading newspapers and watching television news. When they watch a video or a film they actively choose only those that are uplifting. When they find that they are watching something that is depressing or promoting hatred and violence they switch off or leave that environment. They are discerning in their entertainment. They are also discerning in their choice of people in whose company they choose to be. These people live quiet lives. They do not get involved in the politics of life. They keep themselves separate, and in some cases quite isolated, because this has been the only way that they have been able to break the hold of third dimensional fear-based thought. Up until this time, this has been the only way that they could elevate themselves and open the doorway for everyone else, and they have had to fight hard against your hold on them, because it is your thought forms that they have had to isolate themselves from.

Now is the time for this isolation to come to an end. These people have much wisdom to share with you but they cannot do so until you all show willing to support yourselves and clean up your thought forms. It is time for some personal discipline. It is time to stop focusing on violence. It is time to stop focusing on control. Stop thinking about what the government is doing and about earth changes which might or might not happen. Stop watching despair and terror. It is time to begin to listen to harmony and look at beauty. Every single one of you can do this. It is not hard. All it takes is discipline and commitment. Just imagine how it would be if six billion people focused their attention on beauty, harmony and joy! What kind of world would those thoughts produce? Do you see dear ones that it is time for you to accept that it is you who is personally responsible for the world that you live in?

Change that world by changing how you think. Set your intention to think about harmony and joy. Sit in your gardens, or beside a lake or a stream, or the ocean if it is nearby, or sit in a forest, but look at the beauty around you. Focus on that. Relax in your homes listening to light and uplifting harmonies. Put the chatter chatter of talk-back radio and voyeuristic television programmes away from your consciousness. Focus on your own beauty and project that out into your world. Then when you come together into your groups and join your beauteous energies to be magnified, then people for hundreds of miles will feel it. That then helps them to change because your focus of energy is powerfully enervating the force of love. Eventually, when there are enough of you focusing on joy and harmony, all the time, then those energies become the dominant force and propel you all into the 4th dimension.

Living in any dimension is simply a matter of thought. It is the collective thought that produces the frequency band of that dimension. If you want to experience a different dimension you have to uplift your thought into that frequency. So do you now see dear ones, what you must do? Get the ball rolling. Take responsibility for your thoughts. Lift yourself into a more beautiful and positive mind-set. Focus your attention on harmony and joy and watch your world change. It all now rests upon your own thoughts!


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