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Having like minded people to nurture each other's creation process and stimulate positivity opens up great potential for conscious growth.

Date:   8/11/2005 3:54:15 PM ( 17 y ago)

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Positive Vibrations are Always Good
by Eva Gregory

Want to know how to amp up your vibrations easily and effortlessly? The answer is simple. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people! You don't even have to be focusing on the same outcome, but if you're all in a state of attraction, your vibrations will pack a wallop. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. Have you ever been in a fantastic mood, called a friend and had your mood changed faster than a revolving door? Not only can someone else's bad mood rub off on you, but it can switch the energy surrounding you as well. This very thing happened to poor Doug.

Doug was a tad on the superstitious side. One morning Doug woke up and had a flat tire. He was on his way to work and the flat tire was going to make him late for a meeting. Doug looked at the tire and shook his head as he mentally braced himself for the bad day he was sure he was going to have. You see, one of Doug's favorite saying was, "You know everything bad comes in three's!" Ironically, Doug almost always found this to be true. Doug indeed, had a very eventful morning. After showing up for work late with a smudge of grease on his shirt and his tie askew, he was on his way across the lobby, walking at full speed when he slammed right into the corner of an open door. After picking up his briefcase and making sure he wasn't bleeding, mentally he noted, “Number Two!”, as he went to the kitchen to get some ice for the goose egg he had forming on his head. Finally on his way to his desk, Doug ran into a coworker who had just come from the meeting Doug was supposed to have attended. His coworker stopped to let him know that the meeting had resulted in Doug having several more tasks to complete before the big conference call the next morning. Doug glanced at the clock and knew that he’d be at work for at least the next twelve hours. Doug sighed inwardly taking note that his "three's" showed up very rapidly this time.

Doug had a corner on the market for self-fulfilling prophecy. Wouldn't you say? But that need not have been the case. What would have happened if Doug had found the flat tire and decided to let it go until after work? He could have perhaps called a coworker, caught a cab, or taken public transportation. What if he looked at the situation as an opportunity instead of a major inconvenience? Maybe Doug would have been able to network on the way to work, or use the time that someone else was driving to review his notes for his meeting. Maybe he would have found a way to convince his boss that the extra tasks were not needed, or even came up with a plan to delegate them? Doug’s day could have been very different, but he was absolutely convinced that two more bad things had to happen.

Don't be like Doug. Granted it is impossible to find the positive in every outcome, but beware of how much negative is created needlessly. The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your life experiences. The laws of attraction are always at work. Wouldn't it be nice to know that your friends and acquaintances will help you raise vibrations and not lower them?

Why not make a pact with your friends. Decide to focus on the positive things that are occurring and the positive things that you want to manifest, and let go of the unnecessary negative vibrations. Not only will your interactions be more fun, but the vibrations that your "vibe group" will be sending out into the universe are going to be incredibly powerful. With practice, effort, and some really tuned-in friends you can make the air surrounding you almost crackle with positive vibes ready to make your dreams a reality.


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