Key of Healing by Lapis .....

The quintessential distinction for healing or any empowering aspect of life experience.

Date:   2/20/2006 1:38:59 AM ( 16 y ago)

The absolute key for deep and lasting healing is to understand the distinction that YOU create your reality/experience and thus any harmony or disease. If you are trapped in victim consciousness you cannot heal. You are not in control of your path akin to sitting in the wrong side (passenger)of a moving car hoping that the 'ghost" in the driver's seat will take you where you want to go....Fruitless. You must take responsability for your life. By getting back in the driver's seat and choosing your path in a fully conscious manner, you will create new momentum and overcome the intertia of past negative 'forces'. Your decisions will link together in a cohesive, empowering manner steering you to new experiences. Choose well driver!


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