Parallel Universes by Lapis .....

I like this essay. It shares an important concept on the possible outcomes that we tap into and choose, as we creat our reality.

Date:   3/8/2006 5:30:40 AM ( 16 y ago)

Parallel Universes

"Parallel Universes ae brought about by thought. Here we can create
alternatives and variations to life. We create 'reality' by our
thinking. This means that the full spectrum of the way life is
lived is created by each individual, both in their own personal life
and for the planet as a whole.

On an individual basis, whatever you most believe will occur, does
occur. On a national basis, the same thing applies. What the
majority of people believe is most likely to occur within a specific
country, will become the reality that will be lived by the people in
that country. People not holding that belief pattern will find that
whatever is occurring, including the circumstances involved with it,
don't really play a part in their lives...

All these realities as to the future of Earth exist at the same
time. A term that is often given to this is 'probable reality'.
All the different realities are in a state of creation, but the one
we are LIVING is the one that the majority have agreed is the most
likely 'probable' reality...

[A] concept that needs to be quickly grasped is the great power of
thought. In fact, just about the only true problem left on Earth is
that some...still haven't truly understood that each time they think
a negative thought, they are creating it. Also, each negative
thought places a little hole or tear in one's auric field...As each
[one] connects more fully with their 'I AM' presence, the power of
their thought, magnifies greatly. When fully operating with the I
AM there can be no negative thought at all. Everyone is therefore
being shown in his or her life how fast and effectively their
thoughts are working. The gap between the time you think a thought
and observing its manifestation in the physical Universe is
lessening. This is so that everyone can get used to the idea of
being a master operating with positive creation. You as the master
can choose a positive reality for Earth.

Perhaps you would prefer to choose the reality that the Earth IS a
perfect balanced, harmonious world of great tolerance, peace and
love, receiving a continual flow of love and Light from everyone on
Earth and in the Heavens. This uninterrupted pure flow of the Love
and Light of God is gently permeating through every life form on
Earth, all dense energies having vanished into pure Light."

Sandy Stevenson - the Awakenera


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