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Part og getting clear is replacing bad habits with better ones (coherency).

Date:   4/7/2006 12:55:49 PM ( 17 y ago)

The Courage to Make Changes

I had a wise teacher many years ago. He said that you can't really
change old habits, but you can replace them with new habits. It was a
psychological fact that he had learned.

He was one of my tuba teachers and was a true genius. He incorporated
that information into his teaching technique and created exercises away
from the instrument, away from all previous habits and associations.

The bad habits didn't enter in to the exercises and were gradually
replaced by a new set of behaviors. Then when you went back to the
instrument you had a new set of trained reflexes to bring to your playing.

In a way, meditation does the same thing with regard to life issues.
You get away from the actual situation, into an abstract spiritual
framework, "seeing" yourself go through the exercises and becoming an
instrumentalist. New behaviors enter into your psyche through your
visualizations and you gradually change your behavior.

The old habits are still there, though, and can be triggered. It is for
us to develop our new reflexes and consciousness so that when we catch
the old behaviors coming back in we know to go to the place of peace
within instead of allowing the internal terrorist squads and hit men to
come out and wreak havoc.

The new behavior, coming from the spiritual center is so beautiful. Who
would want those old behaviors back anyhow?
by John MacEnulty
© Reproductions Permitted


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