Pain = Misunderstanding by Lapis .....

"Suffering means there is something we do not understand."

Date:   4/7/2006 1:07:58 PM ( 17 y ago)


Suffering means there is something we do not understand. A full
understanding heals all of the needs that result in pain, and allows us
to move through the resistance that pain is. It helps us realise the
love and bonding that is present. Wherever we have stopped, and refused
to go on is an area of pain, fear, and unmet needs. Understanding allows
the process to unfold, the fear to be overcome by willingness,
connection and love, and the needs met so that we are naturally in rapport with
the people around us.

Today, go into rapport with the people around you. Join them.
Joining them allows the understanding that heals. Bonding brings insight
as love brings compassionate wisdom.


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