Thought Coherency by Lapis .....

Coherency is focused harmony.

Date:   4/8/2006 2:09:30 PM ( 17 y ago)

Every thought you think is an opportunity to move your world forward.
Thousands of times each day, you can put the power of your thoughts to
work toward whatever purpose you choose. Thoughts require negligible
effort. What they really need is direction.
When every thought is pointed in the same direction, your life will
unquestionably go in that direction. On their own, your thoughts have no
power, yet every action you take is directed by thought. When your
thoughts are disciplined and focused, your actions will be also. The power
of thought is in what that thought causes to happen.

What are your thoughts causing you to do? Where are they leading? Are
they all working together? Or do they become scattered and end up
working against each other?

Every thought has a consequence. Focus the intensity of your thoughts
on the results you truly desire, and your thoughts will lead you
steadily there.

Ralph Marston


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